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make my own tea

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megan_reneekombucha? Yes.

Also, I’m now brewing kombucha :) Three batches in, and all is well. Brought my scoby home for Christmas break, and my family is slightly horrified. 2 years ago

megan_reneeEasy Peasy Lemon Squeezy (literally)

Herbal tea. Mint lemon. mmmmmm warmth. 2 years ago


attempted to grow an herb garden this year and failed 4 years ago

pmyers8171I found a nice, simple recipy!

I’d love to try some Rose Green tea. It calls for 30 rosebuds, a specific type of green tea (but I’m sure any type would be fine,) and hot water. I’d add some honey and/or ginseng and try to make something throat-soothing and energy-reviving. My status now reads my current situation. I have symptoms of both (more of Lyme than Mono, but my school nurse called home wanting me to get checked for it.) Not fun. Something soothing and sweet would be nice on my throat. 4 years ago


My step mom used to do this all the time. Then again, she’s a trained herbologist. I definitely know my way around herbal medicines, but I’d like to become more familiar with wild foraging. I know that St. John’s Wart grows wild around here, so I’ve got to keep an eye out for that. 6 years ago


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