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Diane WallsThis is the daily reading I am following..

Day 1 Genesis 1-3 Creation and Fall
Day 2 Genesis 12, 15, and 22 Abraham, Isaac
Day 3 Job 1-3 and 38-42 Story of Job
Day 4 Exodus 1-5, 12-14, and 20 Moses and the Law
Day 5 Leviticus 1, 10-11, 16, and 25-26 Instructions
Day 6 Numbers 3-4, 6, and 11-14 Journey to the Promised Land
Day 7 Deuteronomy 5-8, 28-31, and 34 Moses’ last message to the Israelites
Day 8 Joshua 1-6 and 23-24 Joshua, Israelites enter the Promised Land
Day 9 Judges 1-4 and 13-16 Period of the Judges
Day 10 Ruth 1-4 Story of Ruth
Day 11 1 Samuel 7-10, 12 King Saul
Day 12 1 Samuel 15-20, 28, and 31 King Saul
Day 13 2 Samuel 5-8, 1 Chronicles 15-17 King David
Day 14 2 Samuel 11-13, 15, and 18 King David
Day 15 1 Chronicles 21-22, and 28-29 King David
Day 16 Psalms 1, 8, 19, 23, 51, 100, 103 and 139 Psalms of King David
Day 17 1 Kings 3, 6-12 King Solomon
Day 18 2 Chronicles 5-10 King Solomon
Day 19 Ecclesiastes 1-5 and 12 King Solomon
Day 20 Song of Songs 1-2, Proverbs 1-3 King Solomon
Day 21 2 Chronicles 14-16 King Asa
Day 22 1 Kings 17-19, and 21 Elijah
Day 23 2 Kings 1-2, 6-7, 11-12 Elijah, Elisha, Kings
Day 24 2 Chronicles 24-26 Kings
Day 25 Joel 2, Jonah 1, Amos 3, Micah 1-2 Prophecies
Day 26 Isaiah 1-2, 6, Hosea 1-4 Prophecies
Day 27 2 Kings 17-20, 2 Chronicles 29-32 Hezekiah
Day 28 Isaiah 40 and 52-55 Consolation of Israel
Day 29 2 Kings 21-23, 2 Chronicles 33-35 Manasseh, Josiah
Day 30 Nahum 1, Zephaniah 3, Jeremiah 1-5, Habakkuk 1 Prophecies
Day 31 Ezekiel 1-3, 18, and 33, Lamentations 3, Obadiah Fall of Jerusalem
Day 32 Daniel 1-2, 4-6 Daniel
Day 33 Ezra 3, 6-7, Haggai, Zechariah 1-2 Return, rebuilding of Jerusalem
Day 34 Esther 1-4, 7-8 Story of Esther
Day 35 Nehemiah 1-2, 4, and 6 Rebuilding the wall
Day 36 Malachi Last Old Testament prophecies
Day 37 Matthew 1-2, Luke 1-2 Birth of Jesus
Day 38 John 1, Mark 1, John 3-4 Early ministry of Jesus
Day 39 Luke 4-6, Mark 2-4 Teachings of Jesus
Day 40 Matthew 5-7 Sermon on the Mount
Day 41 Mark 10, Luke 8-12, Matthew 17-18 More teachings of Jesus
Day 42 John 13-17 Jesus’ upper room discourse
Day 43 Matthew 26-28, Mark 15-16 Death and resurrection of Jesus
Day 44 Luke 22-24, John 19-21 Death and resurrection of Jesus
Day 45 Acts 1-4, 8-10, 12-14 The Church starts, scatters, expands
Day 46 Galatians 3-6 Paul’s warnings about true vs. false religion
Day 47 James 1-3, Acts 15 Teachings and ministry of James
Day 48 1 Thessalonians 2 and 4; 2 Thessalonians 3 Paul’s letters on adversity and persecution
Day 49 1 Corinthians 1-2 and 13 Paul’s writings on living, loving like Jesus
Day 50 2 Corinthians 4-5 and 8-9 Paul’s writings on authentic Christianity
Day 51 Romans 5-8 and 12 Paul’s letter on Christian doctrine, practice
Day 52 Philemon; Ephesians 4-6 Paul’s writings on practical Christian living
Day 53 Colossians 1 and 3; Philippians 2 and 4 Paul’s writings on growing in Christ
Day 54 1 Peter 1 and 4-5 Peter’s first letter to the Church
Day 55 1 Timothy 1-3; Titus 2 Paul’s teaching on Church leadership
Day 56 Jude; 2 Peter 1 Jude and Peter’s writings on true vs. false religion
Day 57 2 Timothy 3-4 Paul’s example, encouragement to Timothy
Day 58 Hebrews 10-13 Teachings about living for Jesus Christ
Day 59 1 John 1-3 John’s letter on loving Christ, each other
Day 60 2 John; 3 John John’s postcard letters to friends
Day 61 Revelation 1-4, 19-22 Jesus Christ’s revelation to John 6 months ago

Diane WallsDay 3 was Job 1-3, and 38-42

Awesome. These chapter read like a play. I could see the action unfolding in my mind. It was very mind provoking,to say the least.

Satan challenges God,concerning Job’s faith, stating Job is only faithful because God only blesses him. Satan claims that Job would very soon curse God if he was not protected by God’s blessings. God accepts Satan’s challenge and allows Satan to test Job’s faith… but he may not kill him.

Under Satan’s hand, Job loses his family, property, wealth, and health. Job never curses God, but he curses the day of his own birth and wishes he had never been born.

During his lowest point,(broken, alone, and now sick covered in boils) Job question God’s decisions and what God can and should do. He questions why some sinners are blessed with much, while some faithful believers struggle and suffer. Job asked God “Why?” over and over, but God never replies. Job has no idea that this is a test of his faith or that this is a challenge between Satan and God. Job has no idea of the outcome, but God does. Satan cannot see outcomes. He does not know he will meet with defeat. However, God, is All Knowing, and he knows what is in Job’s future.

God does address Job’s “so call” knowledge of what God can and cannot do by asking Job a rhetorical question about creation. In doing so, God reveals his power and glory and is able to prove that God’s ways and God’s reasoning are too mighty and wondrous for us to understand. Job was in awe of all he had heard and was unable to answer God’s questions.

Although, Job has always believed in his God, he now understands and accepts God as the Awesome and Mighty God he is. No one can teach God what is right or accuse Him of doing wrong. With this revelation, Job accepts whatever God has for him. He declared,Job declare, “Blessed be the name of the Lord!” Satan is defeated.

God restored all that Job had lost and blessed Job with so much more than he had before his test of faith.

And said, Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither: the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.
Job 1:21 7 months ago

Diane WallsDay 2- Genesis 12,15,22- Abraham, Isaac

Enjoying reading. 7 months ago

Diane WallsDay 1 Genesis 1-3 Creation and Fall

I need a plan in reading the Bible all the way through.

I will be reading in chronological order via

This plan is setup for 61 days.
I am not as interested in the number of days it may take me to read the whole Bible…. as I am that I have a do-able plan for me. 7 months ago


2 Chronicles and Ezra 7 months ago


Timeline: this summer
Necessary resources: reading a little bit each day while I babysit/work 8 months ago

Donderjaeger1 Samuel

Read a good chunk of it (out loud) on a recent trip. This was actually one of the first books I ever read. It’s the one in which the Israelites demand a king “like their neighbours” and God warns them of what that will entail…(1 Samuel 8) 8 months ago

cmore89On track!

I’m doing the Youversion 90 day reading plan, so I spend 45-50 minutes with the word everyday. I’ve finished 78% of my reading and I hope to finishing reading through the Bible in two more weeks. I plan to slow down the pace and do a more focused book-to-book study after that. 9 months ago

AmazingdiscoveriesBasic Bible Study Guides

- How to Have Faith
- The Origin of Evil
- A Life of Prophecy
- The Good News
- How Jesus Will Come Again
- Signs of the Second Coming
- DiscoveringTruth
- Sabbath Keeping
- Truth About Death
- Holy Spirit
Visit: 9 months ago

benkabooMade some progress by starting a new habit.

Every Christmas I’ve resolved to read a gospel. Mark this year. Luke last year. I guess Matthew is up next.

Seems appropriate at that time of year and will get you through the major chunks that everyone always talks about. 9 months ago

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