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Donderjaeger1 Samuel

Read a good chunk of it (out loud) on a recent trip. This was actually one of the first books I ever read. It’s the one in which the Israelites demand a king “like their neighbours” and God warns them of what that will entail…(1 Samuel 8) 1 week ago

letterboxerFinished ahead of schedule!

Finished my study of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John with time to spare before Easter! I’ve spent a lot of time on this so will take a break, get caught back up on other things I’ve let slip.

After Easter, I want to jump back in with a brief study of the geography of those 4 books, then continue on with Acts. Then I’ll have to decide how I will return to the OT. 1 week ago

cmore89On track!

I’m doing the Youversion 90 day reading plan, so I spend 45-50 minutes with the word everyday. I’ve finished 78% of my reading and I hope to finishing reading through the Bible in two more weeks. I plan to slow down the pace and do a more focused book-to-book study after that. 3 weeks ago

letterboxerWay off track!!!

But in a good way. Reread Matthew 4 about Jesus being tempted in the wilderness as part of the beginning of lent and got caught up in rereading the 4 gospels of the NT as part of my lenten season preparations for Easter.

I’m really enjoying understanding the overlap of the stories. The first time I read it I found it repetitive to read accounts told again and again, but now I understand better that each gospel was supposed to be a first-hand account of Jesus relayed to the churches of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. So, of course, the most important stories would be included in each of their letters. Also interesting is the connecting of the dots from stories that DON’T overlap. Why was an event included in one or more accounts and not the others? I don’t know. I guess it depended on what an individual group of followers needed to hear? But I’m enjoying a better understanding this time around.

So glad I made an outline/took notes as I read it the first time. My memory is terrible, so my word doc is a perfect study companion to reading the text.

I’ll get back to the OT after Easter. 3 weeks ago

heazynFinally, flow

Never thought I’d say this, but nowadays I long to read the bible. Just like you can long for an ice cream in the hot summer, I long in the day to read the bible when I go to bed.

I’ve now finished 1/3. Best book ever. 1 month ago

AmazingdiscoveriesBasic Bible Study Guides

- How to Have Faith
- The Origin of Evil
- A Life of Prophecy
- The Good News
- How Jesus Will Come Again
- Signs of the Second Coming
- DiscoveringTruth
- Sabbath Keeping
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- Holy Spirit
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Visit: http://goo.gl/1Th6ot 1 month ago

benkabooMade some progress by starting a new habit.

Every Christmas I’ve resolved to read a gospel. Mark this year. Luke last year. I guess Matthew is up next.

Seems appropriate at that time of year and will get you through the major chunks that everyone always talks about. 1 month ago

Kimberly SandsI have started

I have started 1 month ago


I finished reading Deuteronomy 12 – 26 yesterday. Next I am moving onward to Judges. 1 month ago

letterboxerFinished Exodus!

A lot of details of building and setting up the ancient Israelites Tabernacle to give the people a way of being in relationship with God.

I’m moving on to Leviticus, which will be much more details of the early laws of worship and living, and had the question: why is it important to us in modern times to read these rules and specifics about ancient worship? If Jesus is the modern day High Priest and his was the ultimate sacrifice so that we don’t have to kill animals and offer them to God, then why is it important to know about all that stuff? Can’t I just skip over it and get onto more “modern” stuff?

One answer about reading this stuff is that it helps to understand God’s holiness. It says in both Leviticus and 1 Peter, that if God is your God, then you must be holy because He is holy. Hmmmmm.

Also, to understand the sacrificial system of the OT is to better understand the sacrifice that Jesus made for us when his time came. Ok.

And then I got the guilt laid on me from 2 Timothy: All scripture is inspired by God and is profitable (2 Tim. 3:16-17)

Alright, alright, I’ll stick with it and won’t skip over Leviticus. I think I’m going to need lots and lots of help from God (and probably just as much coffee) to get through it! 2 months ago

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