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Lose 10 pounds

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Made it. On to 20 lbs. 1 month ago

JackEveryman9.9 lbs. down

Very close. 1 month ago

JackEverymanGetting very close.

Down 8.7 lbs. One more week or so. Building up muscle so this may slow. 1 month ago

Anick-MarieWeighting in at 160 pounds

This goal will be considered acheived when I get a minimal measure of 150 pounds. I haven’t had that in ten years.

I hope to get there before the end of May 1 month ago

zakuraiI lost it! Mind over matte

It can take a while to change habits but persistence is key. Eat what they call clean. Limit junk food, eating bad habits: snacking on junks and eating mindlessly switch to health snack foods (apples, veggie dip and tortilla) Check out diets like vegan, paleo, or raw vegan and treat your body well! Exercise in moderation and your good to go. 2 months ago


Nn 2 months ago

dishfan... and keep it off (of course, of course)

But for now the goal is just to get back down to 115 lb. I think I can make some good strides simply by working out more (I took a major hiatus from all exercise after running a marathon last September), and eating less processed foods. Both will take some effort … the latter taking even more effort since I LOVE!!!!!!!! to eat out!!! 3 months ago

KaletaJourney Ahead

Ultimately I have 50 lbs to lose in order to reach a healthy weight, but I’ve found breaking it down into smaller increments makes it seem like a more achievable goal.

As of last night, I’ve started doing basic cardio type exercise. While doing this, I realized just how truly out of shape I am, feeling winded after only a short time. I plan to steadily increase the time and how strenuous the exercise is that I do.

On top of this, I’ve been identifying things that need to change in my daily routine and diet in order to stay healthy in the long run. I want this to be weight loss and health that lasts, not just a New Years Resolution that goes to the wayside. 3 months ago


I started working out and was able to improve the flexibility in my shoulders. Other than that I have not been able to lose weight. As a matter fact, I think I gained 10 pounds. Working out makes me hungry! I joined an online fitness trainer and in February a group of us start a 12 week program together to improve our fitness and nutrition while reaching our target weight. 3 months ago


my scale is m.i.a. until we get our bathroom up and running (until then, we have to share with my in-laws) so, I have no clue how I’m doing on this, I can say that my ring is spinning like crazy today, and a few weeks ago I couldn’t even take it off, it felt like I’d have to have it surgically removed… so there’s that…maybe I’m on my way. 4 months ago

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