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Chuck steak keep it simple 2 years ago

55to64I Love to Cook

I love cooking and I’m pretty good at it. I also think I write recipes well. My instructions are easy to understand and make sense to novices. I’ve made a couple of cook books for young brides and they’ve enjoyed them a lot. They’ve been shared with others and I hear tales of how using the recipes made a special occasion a smash hit!

So, now I cook and I bake. Mostly I bake and I bake for two which is a trick. My cake recipes are mostly cupcakes that can be frozen. I do make really great cookies. ;-) I make candy as well. My peanut brittle is really good.

I know this sounds like I’m bragging on myself, but I there are so many things I can’t do that when I find one I can, then I get excited!

A cook book would be great! Think I’ll give it a try. 5 years ago


I’m developing my recipes for when i start selling my cookies (as part of the start own business goal) so i’m getting creative and actually writing them down, a good step! 6 years ago


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