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I enjoy living at home and use this time to recharge my soul and also save money.

I grow closer to my family. In summer, when my job ends, I move to Santa Monica. I go back to school. I really enjoy all my classes and my classmates. My S.O. and I get a nice homey little apartment or place of some sort. We are in love and we have fun together everyday. We appreciate each other and enjoy the closeness we have.

I can go to school and take a lot of science and math classes. I am going back to study nutrition OR become a mecical lab technician if that opportunity arises.

I get a beach cruiser and ride it everywhere. Me and Scott share a car. Everything works out wonderfully. <3 15 months ago

marymoonshinehe is..

he is gentle, he is kind. He rubs my back when I’m being a b*tch. He brings me whatever kind of food I want. He tells me I’m beautiful every day…

He is someone who I never would have expected to be with but what could be better than being with someone who thinks I’m great? :) 19 months ago

marymoonshineI have visions of...

I have visions of beautiful, circular housing communities built around massive parks.
Sustainability is key, walking and biking are the best forms of transport + great public transportation.
Food is grown locally.
More communal space, smaller private dwellings.
Shared yards.
Grocery stores are within walking distance.
Retirement homes are located adjacent to schools so that the children and elders can help take care of each other.
Greywater is recycled locally.
Maybe 10 or 12 of these Park groups would be around a central “downtown” area of the city.

I want communities to be beautiful again. :) 23 months ago

marymoonshinealways remember...

You always get what you want…as long as you know what you want.

Only open doors that you intend to walk through.

Jump happily through the door of opportunity!2 years ago


i’ve been stressed, trying to figure out when/if/where I should go back to school when in reality, I don’t really care.

I don’t care about school. I want to learn from the school of life.
It would be nice to get a job that pays well, of course, but I may be able to find that without going on a traditional academic path.

I want to LIVE. I want to travel. I wish I was independently wealthy so I could do as I please all the time, wouldn’t that be nice?

In reality, I always have just enough money to get by and I guess that’s all you really need. ;) 2 years ago


I ultimately want to live on a commune, in a treehouse and grow food/become a llama farmer.

find community, find true love for the world around me. I want to live lightly on the earth and stop worshipping the gods of consumerism.
<3<3(0_0)<3<3 2 years ago


Growing up hurts.
first it’s scraped knees and elbows,
bumps and bruises from falling off bikes and skateboards,
then it’s first loves and losses, emotions that tear your heart in two.
Then it’s falling in and out of relationships, jobs, towns, schools, addictions, losing yourself in a new place and finding your self all over again.

Even my scars have scars.
trying to move on but it’s hard to move forward when the past is all I have to hold on to. 2 years ago

marymoonshinethe best manifested

1. More oxygen, more sun, more knowledge, more sharing, more bonding, more energy, more positive idea exchange.

2. Shop LOCAL!

3. Live in a cozy, energy-efficient dwelling

4. Community + sharing

5. Smile more!

6. WALK, bike, dance, hoop, skip, hop, climb and jump!

7. Here’s to having meaningful work, a warm place to sleep and a garden and a dog and a cat and a lover, happy, healthy children someday, delicious food, great friends and great health! <3(and the ability to appreciate all of it) :) 2 years ago

marymoonshinethere was a day...

I was having a rough morning, stressed out and then someone said very kindly…
“What can I do to help?”

and it lifted my spirits and the rest of the day was perfect. :)
thank you R for making my day, thank you world for giving me people who love me and help me out. I am so very thankful. 2 years ago


met some lovely, happy, loving people today.
so kind, they radiated so much pure positivity.

I want to meet more people like this. 2 years ago

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