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bloemwhere to start

Let’t not make things more difficult than they should be. The basics are simple: I need a website and I need art, and then I have to combine the two. How hard can it be… But where do I get the art? Art school would be a good one, I’m sure students would love a place where they can sell their stuff. Must be good stuff though, I’m not going to sell everything they make.
But how about insurance, logistics (do I keep all the art in my house??), how do people pay etc etc.?
Well, I don’t have to start my gallery tomorrow, there’s a lot to think about and get sorted, but I must remember to not make it more difficult than it needs to be.
(But I’ve been thinking that it would also be nice to sell handmade stuff that doesn’t classify as ‘art’, how do I get that in there…?) 3 years ago


I’d sort of forgotten about this goal, but now I see it, with my ‘I want to be a creative professional’ glasses on I’m getting excited about this again.
Could start working this out, think about how I could do this (online)... 3 years ago

bloemthis would be nice

I started thinking about this today (although it has crossed my mind a couple of times before), wouldn’t this be nice? A place where I can sell both my own stuff as well as other cool art! Could be an online gallery, could be a real (real as in: a place where people can come in and see the work in real life) gallery. Would be amazing… Definitely something to keep in mind and possible work out in more detail on how to set something up. 4 years ago

rocky94want to start Art gallery

basic information to start new art gallery in delhi.source target customers,legalaties etc.. 5 years ago

mvyvodaWhere does one begin

what if you had the resources & wherewithal to make this happen? where do you start so you don’t flop? 7 years ago

abieMillennium Gallery

I run a bookshop and I want to start a gallery in Kolkata for affordable art by relatively unknown/ young artists. 8 years ago


Lull Brook -Winter(1945)
by Maxfield Parrish 8 years ago

couplandAnyone want to make an entry?

you’re more than welcome 8 years ago


Branches with Almond Blossom(1890)
by Vincent van Gogh 8 years ago


the Night(1904)
by Harald Sohlberg 8 years ago

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