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Joanna EphBut what's a Cine Sneak you say?

Afef has a feature on her website called For A Brighter Week, for which you can send in suggestions. This is what Mahorka sent:

Cine Sneak! I don’t know if every country has this, but in Germany, some movie theaters have this and I’m addicted to it (Wednesday I’ll go again). One day a week, there’s one screening which features a movie which hasn’t released yet, but you don’t know which one until you sit in your seat. Those tickets cost less (the reason why I’ve started this, normal tickets are barely affordable at my local theater… but there’s always the risk to catch a really boring movie – happened to me often lol But this really broadens your horizon, I would’ve never watched “Mary & Max” or “Kick-Ass” on purpose but I loved them!”

(http://strawberry-gashes.net/2011/06/20/for-a-brighter-week-67/) 2 years ago


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