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Play at least one video game or PC game every month.

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BlueFernChecked off for February.

I have been gaming a lot lately. 2 years ago

BlueFernThe Return of Fighting Games

I am doing well with this goal so far. I have moved on to fighting games and martial arts games. I love old school gaming and the gaming genres from before the 2000s. 2 years ago


This is getting easy. My goal was to stop playing all video & PC games for a while because I spent too much time with them. Now that I have broken that habit I am trying to play them again, in moderation. :) 2 years ago

BlueFernSo far so good

I used to play very often and had to stop completely. Now I want this to become a habit again. So far so good. 2 years ago


I’ve played a few games already this week. 2 years ago

BlueFernSo far in January

Enjoying PC games & The Sims on console as well… 2 years ago

BlueFernPC Gaming

Enjoying other PC games as I take a break from The Sims. 2 years ago


I have completed this goal for the month of January. 2 years ago


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