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Walk the route I've planned on White Horse Hill

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Should’ve gone today, the weather for the rest of the week is crappy. Well that is if I want to do want I planned in my earlier entry. Could still do this even if it’s raining. Preferrably when it isn’t too windy as it can get windy up there at times. 2 years ago

smorrisgood weather

Depending on the weather, I am going to aim to get this completed this week.
I’ll get a flask together, make some sandwiches and take my camera and try and spend a day up on the hill. I might even take a book to read to and maybe a notepad to write a story. 2 years ago

smorriskind of done

I’ve kind of already walked this route but not the actual route I planned in google earth.
When the weather picks up, I am going to do this walk and cross this goal off my list.

There is another route near the white horse I’d also like to do, but I shall add that as a goal when I have completed this one. One step at a time lol! 2 years ago

smorrissort of

I’ve kinda completed this but I didn’t track my route on runkeeper. So I’m going to keep this open to do again, then I can mark it as done.
First I need to print out the route so that I know I’m following the route I planned. 2 years ago


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