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Pack up the house to move interstate


Entries from everyone

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The HermitTwo days left to pack

Not sure that I did that much today, could have done a lot more.

Finished the last of my weekly transcription files, will have to proofread them.

Went to shops in the morning because BF wanted to have a Maccas breakfast.

Bought 5 tea chest boxes and 5 book boxes.

Bought vacuum bags to pack my duvet, duvet cover and hopefully some bulky items. Hope it works, have not really done this before successfully.

Picked out clothes to take with me on the plane.

Packed 3 boxes, cleared out nearly all my drawers in the build in robe, packed my coin collection in a plastic tub.

Fixed dinner trying to make use of the food we have left.

Left to go: a few more clothes in my wardrobe, a few items on the shelves. A LOT of stuff in the kitchen. 2 years ago

The Hermit20 boxes gone to charity, yay!

I’m so pleased the boxes have gone. The truck driver was really nice. His assistant was away sick and he was all alone. He looked really pleased when I showed him our trolley to help him wheel the boxes down the long driveway.

I woke up early today and at the last minute added a couple more things to the charity pile including the red velvet dress bought almost 20 years ago and still with its tag, unworn. I was keeping it for a special occasion but it would look better if I lost a few pounds so I figured it should go to someone else.

Today I bought a plastic storage tub and am wrapping up glasses for storage. We don’t need so many glasses so I’ll just be taking the basics. I think I need another storage tub, they’re more bulky than I thought.

Packed up a box with my duvet and did a bit of sorting with a few other boxes. I have really neglected my paid work so I’ll have to do a bit of that too. 2 years ago

The HermitRecycling done, charity pickup tomorrow

Due to a miscommunication, the charity pickup truck is coming tomorrow not today. Took the opportunity to add a few more books to the pile. There were a couple of favourite books I’ve been hanging on to for ages but I’m being ruthless and giving them away.

*Took remaining plastic storage tubs downstairs for final sorting.
*Finished packing another box to take.
*Cleaned and tidied storeroom as much as I could. BF left it like a tip. He’d left a few books in the open which were dusty and I had to clean them, as well as some of my books he’d shoved underneath. They were dusty too.
*Contacted electrician about a water leak which made the garage light hiss and send out smoke (scary!) Took a while, had trouble finding the contact number but got it finally after calling BF several times. Duh.
*Brought up a couple of boxes to put things in. It’s going to be raining the next few days so I thought to bring up a few empties and pack in the house and leave them.
*Rewrapped the dartboard for storage.

Doesn’t look like much but I’ve been pretty busy today. Didn’t eat or drink anything till 2pm and I felt close to collapsing. 2 years ago

The HermitTwenty Boxes - final count

Tomorrow is charity and recycling bin pickup day.

The recycling bin is nearly full. Tried to fill as much as possible since it will be the last pickup while we’re here. BF says if there’s any more our handyman friend can put the bins out for us.

Today I tidied up the deck area by washing the plastic pots and dumping out potting mix. Also cut some grass in the north west corner of the front garden because it was growing extremely fast. That was hard work.

I finalized the packing of the boxes going to charity. Pickup is tomorrow between 7:30 and 2pm so I have to get up early. :-( I was taping up the final boxes when I spotted my handbags that had ended up in there by mistake. I took two out of the four bags because I really wanted them, as well as some sparklers and poppers which I’d bought for New Year celebrations, don’t think the charity will miss those. Can’t believe I left it till the last moment. Anyway, it’s done, 20 boxes! Yay!

I hope they don’t forget. After all that effort. I’ve spent more time packing the charity pile than our stuff but I can concentrate on that now.

Finally, a sunny day today after all the rain. I aired my duvet (comforter) which had gone missing (found in garage, it was a bit musty smelling) and did 2 loads of laundry so we don’t have to move loads of dirty laundry interstate. We won’t have our own washing machine anymore – boo hoo! so I want to do as much laundry here as I can.

Better get started on some paid work soon, it’s been a very busy day today. 2 years ago

The HermitEight Days Left

It’s suddenly snuck up on me. I don’t know how.

I thought it was going to be a quiet day but I found out from BF’s mum that his brother was coming to pick up the stuff they’d left in the garage. I panicked, thinking his wife and kids were coming too and it would be left to me to babysit the kids. I tried to tidy up as quickly as I could. Think I did a pretty good job, putting all BF’s books into boxes, still unsealed, will leave that up to him. Also put the unwanted books in the recycling bin. Took some of the storage tubs downstairs and have filled up one with craft materials that I won’t be using for a while.

BF’s brother came alone (phew) at least the kids weren’t there but I had to help him load up his stuff. Took an hour or so. After he’d left I figured it’d be quiet but then BFs parents came unexpectedly. His mom assumed that I knew she was coming but I was quite clueless. They had come to take the pine chest of drawers I had promised them. Unfortunately it started to rain, they hadn’t brought any tarpaulins for the trailer so I tried to use some plastic sheets which were set aside for packing. Some of it got wet though, which saddened me. I just hope it won’t rot or something. They also took a small table and TV stand.

The house and garage are starting to look a bit emptier now which is a relief.

Next milestone is to fill the recycling bin and figure out if there are any items left to donate, because both of these – the garbage and charity items = will be picked up on Tuesday.

10 boxes are packed to take with us, mostly my stuff. Lots more to go. Yikes, have to do it in the next week or so. After this morning’s successful efforts, I think the secret is to do it quickly. Sorting seems to take the longest time.

BF is coming this weekend from interstate to help with the final packing and we’re flying down to Victoria together on Tuesday. 2 years ago

The HermitSixteen Boxes! Going to Charity, that is...

I packed up a smallish box for the charity pile yesterday and today I got a couple of boxes from behind the Amart Sports store in our local shopping centre. Free boxes, yay! I’m using these for the goods to give away and our old moving boxes are being reused for the next move.

I packed up some of my garments this evening. I felt like I was slipping behind so decided to start on the clothes. It was pretty straightforward. What I’m having trouble with is deciding which books to take. Living room is a bit of a mess with tubs and boxes and stuff piled everywhere.

Oh well, at least I did two more boxes. Will try to do more tomorrow, it’s late now. 2 years ago

The HermitFifteen and counting....

Fifteen! FIFTEEN BOXES! Bwa ha ha ha ha! (the Count in Sesame Street)

That’s what I thought when I looked at the fifteen boxes which are being donated. A few are small boxes with heavy books inside.

I’m going through all my things and dividing them into keep or give away.

The charity is sending a truck to pick up on May 2. I have about a week to go through everything else. I can do it, yeah. (she says, trying not to panic) 2 years ago

The HermitPrematurely frazzled

Stuff surrounds me everywhere. At least we have one mostly empty bedroom.

I repacked the charity boxes to use the weaker non-moving boxes as opposed to the ones we purchased. Should have done that before. I may have to rearrange the things inside because I did it in a hurry.

Other thing is I organised my cosmetics and toiletries, put the ones to take in a box which is currently half full and unsealed. It’s quite heavy. Might have to tidy it up a bit. Have a lot of half empty bottles which I will try to finish in the next week.

Didn’t add to the boxes to take but I have come to a decision that I will only take the basics and focus on storing quite a lot. I have the feeling that BF’s job is going to cause him a lot of stress and he probably won’t want to stay that long. So instead of trying to take everything it’s going to be take what I will use and leave the rest here. Or donate it. 2 years ago

The HermitI hate packing

I wish we could just stay in one place like normal folks! Lol. I’d probably get bored but we are moving more than I would like.

Attacked the linen closet, sorted and packed sheets and towels.

Found the last few dinner service plates and packed them to go to Vinnies.

Packed up most of my stationery items into a box.

6 boxes packed. More to follow. 2 years ago

The HermitBit by bit

19 April

packed a few more books to go

Posted final ebay item for now

Did laundry, bought groceries

scanned remaining cookbooks

Finished first work file

BF is stressing about slowness of move and was giving me a big lecture over the phone. Renovations can only proceed once I vacate and BF is stressing about lost rent. I think he is partly to blame since he was going to do a lot of this himself but took his own sweet time over 7 months and then got the job offer and had to move, leaving much undone.

Looks like I’ll have to get everything packed up asap and now I’m trying not to stress. He is going to fly up here in a couple of weeks, help with final packing, and then I will fly down with him leaving our handyman to paint the ceilings and finish renovations.

Sigh. Back to work. No rest for the wicked I’m afraid… 2 years ago

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