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Harmless DilettanteFinally!

My old PC and its peripherals is now in Mr. Harmless’ office along with a really noisy external hard drive. My office is now much quieter and slightly less cluttered. I’m marking this goal as done, a mere three years give or take, since starting it. 4 months ago

Harmless DilettanteTaking forever

Mr. Harmless is still over writing the hard drive. I hope he finishes this soon, as the flashing light is really annoying! 4 months ago

Harmless DilettanteDone

Everything is finally off this computer. Time to hand it over to Mr. Harmless for the final security scrub. Soon, I’ll have half of my desk back. Yeah! 4 months ago

Harmless DilettanteBack to the inventory

I’ve got about 20 or so more records to update and then I can hand this PC over to my husband to be decommissioned. I may also have found a way to export the pictures associated with the files.

The problems I’ve run into here has really made me conscious of how ephemeral computer data can be. I’m afraid to put a lot of time and effort into transferring data over as it’s useless without the proper platform and software to read it with. I guess I need to think more in terms of retrieval and less in terms of storage. 5 months ago

Harmless DilettanteAlmost there...

The last thing I need to pull off my PC is my fountain pen inventory. After several attempts to copy and import the file, I’m stuck with doing it manually

So close…

Update: I’ve found an easier way to import to bento via CSV, but now have two databases that I will have to manually cut and paste together. Then, I’ll move it over to my Home inventory software. I hope that will be the right way to go. 6 months ago

Harmless DilettanteIt's dead, Jim.

I need to pull a couple of things off my old PC, like my fountain pen inventory and my old quicken categororized entries.

I barely turned this thing on since I bought my iMac. Frankly, I’d rather have the desk space. 2 years ago

Harmless DilettanteEmail Swicheroo

I have an ancient email account on my PC that should have been deactivated years ago. I’ve been busy changing everything to one of the new emails I created last month. This is going to take a few days! Also, I need to make a note somewhere of who has what email. Isn’t it nice how computers have made our lives simpler? 3 years ago


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