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milky twilight09. - 15.07.2012

  • do so much yoga as possible
  • try Jivamukti yoga on Monday – ooohh I’m too tired…
  • go to psycho therapy on Tuesday
  • go for a run as often as possible
  • pay my outstandings
  • plan and organize third and fourth weekend of July. I want to visit a friend and my boyfriend.
  • get my new contact lenses on Wednesday
  • no wine during the week (puhpuh)
  • call some friends and mom ✔
  • find some quiet time and creativity to sculpt the stones I bought last week
    huihui, sounds like this will be an exciting week. So I should plan nothing special for the weekend – only running, relaxing and yoga. 21 months ago

milky twilightLast week in March

  • get my keys duplicated
  • psych on Tuesday – done
  • run, run, run
  • yoga on Wednesday evening
  • solarium
  • visit a friend on Sunday
  • appointment with my dentist – done, puhhhhh that hurt 2 years ago

milky twilightFourth week of March

- quit my gym – impossible, I can qiut the gym not until September, brr
- eat healthy – mostly vegan – hmm, I ate mostly vegetarian not vegan but these are my first steps on my way
- run on Monday and Thursday – exactly I run only on tuesday, for the other days I had “perfect” excuses to stay at home
- yoga on wednesday – I didn’t made it, buhu
- go to Berlin on weekend – it was a great time with my boyfriend :)
- clean my appartment – hmmm well
- drink less – it was quite okay
- think less:)
- therapy on Tuesday – session was great, again I learned so much
- start to do my taxes – okay next weekend:)
- write a review
- got an appointment at the dentist -done 2 years ago


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