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NekoWerewolfBoth of you are twelve?

You know that Lord Bearclaw will report you for not following the Community Guidelines e.e 20 months ago


da pack is dead… 23 months ago

NekoWerewolfSheila: I'm here XP

so. seems like moon isn’t on here too much anymore. I sure wonder why…
My wings are coming out really soon, So I guess I’ll be able to be an avian soon!

~neko 1 year ago


you join this pack, so freaking be a part of it and start posting!!! god people!!! DX 2 years ago


People >_< this place is so dead. GET THIS PLACE BACK UP AGAIN!!! 2 years ago


lalala how is everyone? hows shifting? 2 years ago


Yes! Finally back! im surprised that the pack has grown in members, and we now have an ally. For all of you new pack members, i am nekowerewolf. you can call me neko. I am the second-in-command. AKA Beta. I’m so happy that we have new members and a new ally. Anyone is welcome :) 2 years ago

Cream ZiaStriking Ember

Hello, I am the alpha male of the Striking Ember Pack. It seems the alpha female allied with you and joined. I stay with 1 pack , but I am willing to help you. 2 years ago

Marceline Vampy Flame PrincessUntitled

Name: I change it frequently, but you can call me Marceline, Flame or Yuki
Gender: Girl
Species: Human
What I want to do in life: Actually experience life to the files 2 years ago


Name: NekoWerewolf (but you can call me Neko)
Gender: Female
Species: Shapeshifter- Wolf
What I want to do in life: Become a neko and i want white and brown wings. 2 years ago

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