Wish the Awesome and Amazing Dragonfly35 a Loving, Meditative, Delightful, All-Natural Earth Day/Birthday on April 22nd


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A Staggering Rat of Heartbreaking Something or OtherHappy birthday Dragonfly35

and many happy returns! I hope every day is as awesome as your birthday.
I send you wishes for happiness and all sweet things! 23 months ago

HippieChick2Hope your day was truly amazing

and will continue to be amazing throughout the coming year!

Happy birthday!!! 1 year ago

yogamomHappy Belated Birthday Dragonfly!!

I am so sorry this is late! I hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday and many more to come :) 1 year ago

wembleyheadsHappy belated!!

Wishing you a wonderful year of many blessings, and LUCKY 35!! :) 1 year ago

Living In God's Exquisite, Miraculous SufficiencyHappy Belated Birthday, Dragonfly35!

I’m soooo sorry I didn’t wish you a happy birthday on your day! I was so out of it that I’m not sure I could’ve been that coherent to do so.

So, in lieu, I hope you get to extend your birthday celebrations to all month. God bless you, Dragonfly! 1 year ago

dragonfly35Thank you, everyone!

It was an amazing weekend, the realization of some long-time goals and some pretty deep thoughts about the direction of my life, some time with my mom, lots of yoga and meditation, and then coming home to over 100 birthday messages from family and friends. I couldn’t ask for more!

34 years ago on April 22nd, I entered this life. That makes this my 35th year on earth. Those of you who know the reason behind my user name know that 35 has always been my lucky number. I can’t help but think this is going to be a lucky year for me, and I certainly feel most aligned with my destiny as I begin it.

Thank you so much to all of you for being part of my experience on this site. I have met so many amazing people here, both virtually and in real life, and it is wonderful to share this space and the struggles and joys of this human life with all of you. 1 year ago

jimrinArgh! Sorry this is late!

It seems appropriate that your birthday is around the start of Spring because there is something magical about you which is as magical as the start of Spring when life starts new again.

I hope you had a great birthday!! 1 year ago

SpyrunnerHappy birthday

I hope you had a wonderful day.

How did I miss this one?1 year ago

Todd SchoonoverHappy Birthday

When Gilloulalal started challenging me to different yoga poses, I reflected upon Dragonfly35’s own yoga entries. She put me at ease without even knowing it. I admire people who do yoga regularly, and envy their flexibility. I know that it’s something everyone could do, but you have to be in the right mindset which is something I can’t always control in myself. Dragonfly makes it seem effortless though, which has challenged me to go further than I would normally have pursued. I thank her for that, and offer these wishes for the coming year:

May she master the aerial yoga poses she attempts, and find peace in doing so. May the conversations she has help her cultivate her laugh lines. And may she make those spare car keys before she needs them. 1 year ago

Kimber~HaAaPpPyYy!!! hAAApPpYyY!!! biRtHdAaAyYy!!! (((((Dragonfly)))))

HaAaPpPyYy!!! hAAApPpYyY!!! biRtHdAaAyYy!!! (((((Dragonfly)))))
HaAaPpPyYy!!! hAAApPpYyY!!! biRtHdAaAyYy!!! (((((Dragonfly
HaAaPpPyYy!!! hAAApPpYyY!!! biRtHdAaAyYy!!! (((((Dragonfly)))))
HaAaPpPyYy!!! hAAApPpYyY!!! biRtHdAaAyYy!!! (((((Dragonfly
HaAaPpPyYy!!! hAAApPpYyY!!! biRtHdAaAyYy!!! (((((Dragonfly)))))
HaAaPpPyYy!!! hAAApPpYyY!!! biRtHdAaAyYy!!! (((((Dragonfly

(((((dragonfly))))) i hope you had a super fabulous birthday shared with all who love you!!! may 2012 bring you all the love, bliss, peace & delightful moments that you deserve my friend. thank you for sharing your insightful & inspirational corner with us. i always enjoy your posts. enjoy the rest of your birthday weekend!

sending you much love & many warm birthday hugs…kimber~ xxx1 year ago

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