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9. I realized myself that I have S.A.D.. Aw… sad. 2 years ago


8. Most of the time, I cook just one plate. (I am sorry for my husband.) 2 years ago


7. I like knitting. 2 years ago


6. I like summer, but I love to winter clothes, such as coats, sweaters or scarves. 2 years ago


1. I don’t like cleaning, especially mopping, but I like to be spatially clean place.
2. I love traveling.
3. I am lazy.
4. I don’t want to judge others, but sometimes I want to say something on fashion or behavior.
5. I like summer. 2 years ago

Kayla ChristineI feel like finishing this. 91-100

91. I’m not a very patient person
92. When I have energy, I have energy
93. I love flowers
94. I couldn’t draw to save my life ;)
95. I tend to be very “tight” about my studies (No fun, just work ;)
96. I like finding random unknown bands that are actually insanely talented and showing them to everyone I know
97. I want a house just so I can decorate it
98. I like being “one of the guys” WAY better then hanging with girls
99. I never remember my dreams
100. I love listening to old people share their experiences :)

That was actually quite interesting… 2 years ago

Kayla Christine81-90

81. I want to experience a culture where I am TOTALLY out of my element
82. I want to learn as many languages as possible
83. I am passionate about human rights
84. I would love to start a shelter for homeless pregnant girls
85. I want to be honest (with myself and with others)
86. I am extroverted
87. I love food, but I don’t eat as much as I should
88. I REALLY want to dance in the rain
89. I want to be accepted for who I am
90. I love taking care of/working with children. 2 years ago

Kayla Christine71-80

71. I’ve never eaten sushi
72. My favorite movie is Dan In Real Life (I just watched it, it’s AMAZING <3)
73. My favorite actors are Will Smith/Steve Carrell
74. I am goal oriented (Can you tell? ;)
75. I HATE it when people beat around the bush
76. I am a HUGE procrastinator
77. I want to have a REALLY big family
78. I am an outgoing person
79. I would like to think of myself as trustworthy (Not quite sure how other people perceive me..)
80. I write my own songs! 2 years ago

Kayla ChristineI must be a really boring person...

61. I’ve posted myself singing on YouTube
62. I went laser-tagging for the first time yesterday
63. I’ve only finished one video game completely in my life
64. I want to be a linguist
65. My favorite word is Halcyon
66. I’ve been to Florida
67. I just finished my grade 7 violin exam
68. I love performing
69. I hate two-faced people
70. My best friends’ name is Bryanne <33
(I don’t think there’s another 30 things that I can write about myself :P) 2 years ago

Kayla ChristineSTILL REALLY HARD!! :)

51. My favorite book is Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly
52. I have two sisters and a brother
53. I’ve been to Texas
54. I’ve taken a bite out of a candle (not knowing it was wax ;)
55. I am 5 foot 5 inches
56. My favorite place in the world to be is a library or bookstore
57. My favorite teacher ever’s name is Mr. Barto
58. I want to be an author
59. I hate country music
60. I’ve been on television… 2 years ago

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