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DawnHave a visual calendar of my life

I would like to have my life in pictures.

I would also like to have those pictures properly organised on my computer; properly backed up; and on display daily to remind me what a wonderful life I have. 3 months ago

Patty MComplete

I think it’s safe to close this. I have taken properly 10,000 photos over the past two years.. document eveeything… Now just to get a really good camera :-) 4 months ago

girlwitglassesNeed new pics

I just recently opened a flickr account(EyezSmile)and I’ve only uploaded older pics. I need to take more up to date pics to show off. 6 months ago

girlwitglassesWell overdue

I seem to take more pictures with my crappy cell phone camera than my actual Nikon camera. It is just that my cell phone is more convient I guess but the picture quality is horrible if I am not close up on my subject(s). 6 months ago

thebeanandthebirdFirst Steps

- Try to take at least one picture every day
- Capture special moments
- Upload the pictures and back them up 6 months ago


The Rubber Duck project floated into Pittsburgh this weekend and it gave me a chance to get some great shots of it and the city. 6 months ago

HotsausArthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge

I went on vacation this year to Charleston SC. I was there once before and loved it. But never knew there was beach area, I assumed it was just a port town. But I found a place to stay on The Isle of Palms, which was beautiful. While there I took a ton of pictures, and one of my favorites from the trip is of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. 7 months ago

William HowardUntitled

Well I am still working on this but I’m not putting the effort I need to. It should be easier since I have a camera on my phone. 8 months ago


Bought a camera. That’s a first step. And I took 1,000 pictures in Ecuador. Another good step. 8 months ago

Emma2277Sounds interesting

I like taking pictures no matter it is for the senery or people; I am quiet good at it too. But I don’t have a lot of good pictures myself because everyone around me is not good at it, so they are always get good pics and I am the one not look good on a camera, I prefer to take spontaneous pics like the things in front of the lens is not posing or not aware of what they look like, I like it natural, I also like classical architecture…...

I don’t have many pics about myself, I should let other people take some of me as a memory.

My parents used to take a lot of pics about my sister, they didn’t take one of me before I went to school, I don’t even know what I look like when I was a baby, when I asked them why, they said it was cold, but I said we also have summers and sprins and autums, besides you could take them indoors, they said they forgot. I felt tired talking to my parents, they are not very reasonable, and they always have tons of excuses waiting for me. 9 months ago

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