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get a passport

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So this has been on the list for several years. After I made the trip to the post office my new passport arrived in 2.5 weeks a nice change from the one I got back in 1999 which took about three months. Now the only question is where to go first? 4 weeks ago


165 dollars. Meh. 2 months ago

Samicat24Started the process

WEll…kinda. I looked up what I need to do to get one. I found the forms and a place to submit. If I had a printer I could have done it tonight. 3 months ago


got it as a child and have kept renewing it since. It gives you a kind of freedom you don’t have otherwise. It’s expensive (at least in the USA) and so is traveling abroad, but being able to legally do it is the first step to achieving that goal. 3 months ago

Alaska GirlHow about in February

I think i need to put some concrete timelines on my travel goals, so I’m budgeting this one for February 3 months ago

TashaBlueI am so lazy

This has been a goal for at least 5 years. It’s expensive, but I need to get it done.

I think I’m going to plan for January, once the holiday season is over. Let’s hope I don’t need to flee the country before then. ;) 5 months ago

Beacher AcyFINALLY gonna actually USE it!

hahaha. Had it for a while now and finally gonna use it for canada ;D

sidenote-girlfriend and I went to build a bear and made a bear. Just before we were about to leave i saw a little “pawsport” and it was three bucks. Too cute, had to get it. got it stamped at the build a bear, we’re taking the bear to canada with us and hoping the airport will stamp bear’s little pawsport with ours just for the fun of it =P 5 months ago

erinlyFinally got my passport this summer!

It was so much easier to do than I’d ever expected! Now I’m saving for a trip! 5 months ago

Emma135This is my first step to travelling

I need a passport. 6 months ago


I planned on going on a cruise with my boyfriend at the time. We filled out the passport applications from the post office, took our passport photos at Walgreens, mailed it in and within weeks we received them in time for our cruise. 7 months ago

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