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Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

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Reached the top on Nov 3, 2012! Felt great 17 months ago

XaymacaNomadBooked tour and flight

I booked my flight and trek today. Tomorrow morning at 5:45 I start boot camp. Between that and the running and swimming I hope I will be prepared. 19 months ago


Looking at Zara tours for Oct 2012 20 months ago

user7194Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

Did this in Dec. 2011, with Peak Planet on the Shira route. I didn’t even plan on it, but i had two weeks vacation to use up and 15 mouse clicks later, I had a plane, hike and 3-day safari booked. It’s a challenge, but anyone in reasonably good health should not have an issue with it. Be sure to take a longer route to ensure that you have enough time to acclimate to the altitude (rule of thumb is 5 days = 50% chance of summit, 6 days = 60%, etc).

Watching the sun come up on the crater rim with a cup of tea keeping my hands warm was one of the best moments of my life. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt more alive then on my solo trip to Africa. 2 years ago

odkaellaGreat sense of achievement!

Kilimanjaro has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. On your climb, you pass through many diffrent ecosystems – your surroundings are constantly changing all the way up.
I had never climbed a mountain or done any serious hiking before doing Kilimanjaro – it was last year and I was 19, so I guess it’s a very good achievement! But for anyone who thinks they are not good enough yet, just get yourself fit to a decent level and go for it! The hike for the first few days is honestly not that gruelling. The hardest part is the final day, which yes, is very tough (as you start at 11pm and hike util sunrise) and very cold (unlike me, take suitable clothing for snow and -20 degrees Celcius temperatures!), but for the most part it’s a great hike and a chance to see some truly breathtaking scenery.
Don’t think you have to be an experienced hiker with a super level of fitness, as I wasn’t. Perhaps consider taking something to combat altitude sickness, as there’s a high possibility you’ll get it, but I didn’t and neither did my brother who I hiked with. He got terrible altitude sickness and was throwing up and had very bad headaches (I had headaches, not nearly as bad, and did THINK I would throw up, but didn’t) but we both still made it!
The last day’s hike is mind over matter, and if you’re determined, you will make it and it will be extremely rewarding!
Go for it, it’s definitely worth it :) 3 years ago


This is hard. Cause I am lazy. 3 years ago


hmmm, was going to be 2013 but the money isn’t going to be there.
This is definitely going to be a race against the clock now. 3 years ago

8manwe did it!

climbforchildren.org 3 years ago

LotteNLclimb mount Kilimanjaro

Last vacation, I climbed Mount Meru, the little sister of the Kilimanjaro. This was a great experience. WHen I saw the sunrise come up behind the kilimanjaro from where I was standing on Mount Meru, I knew I wanted to climb the Kilimanjaro. 3 years ago


climb it! 3 years ago

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