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watch all the episodes of invader zim

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Julie RexMy friend just told me there was a third season.

I was under the impression that it got canceled in the middle of the second one.
FML. 3 years ago

Julie RexHerrow ;3

Getting there…
On season 2!!! 3 years ago

Julie RexStill on season one!

Right now I am watching Game Slave 2, which seems to be a very popular episode in the Invader Zim line.
The site that I am at seems to have all the episodes…
I hear that there was an Invader Zim movie, but they canceled it… because the show was canceled or whatever…
I ♥ Gir and Gaz!!! 3 years ago


more than halfway there!
but, i can’t find anymore episodes online.
i guess i’ll have to save up to watch the rest.
=[ 6 years ago


awesome 6 years ago


nice 6 years ago


kool 6 years ago

gir456invader zim

:DDDDDD 6 years ago


love invader zim 6 years ago


hi 8 years ago


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