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love without jealousy

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6 years ago

jcsilverman2010love me and no other

love only me.

i see you leave and come home with her perfume on your body
i want to know if you love her more.

if you love her at all.
i wish i could meet her and tell her your mine.

to see if i need to make myself better.
i wish you would tell me if you love me.

i want to hear you say it again.
make love to me and tell me you need me.

the only thing i hear you say is you don’t deserve me.
i need love and give me pain.

i met her today and i feel better.
i saw the pain and greaf in her eyes.

you didn’t tell her you had a wife,
you didn’t know she was a mother. 6 years ago

whimsykittythe green eyed monster

i don’t have a real problem with this, but it still seeps in occasionally. and i know it’s all me going into imagination-land creating scenarios that don’t exist. so, i am quickly able to hold the reigns in. just the idea of love without any existence, ever, of jealousy is fabulous. 8 years ago


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