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viridianag0thanks to school

As I am getting closer to my year of graduating the courses I am required to take are more related to my field of work so I am getting the opportunity of seeing the same people for longer periods of times…I think this is an easier way of befriending people. This past semester I had the same group of people in almost all of my classes and I have grown very fond of them now that I have gotten to know them more. 10 months ago

mariai don't know how; i don't know where

what do people even mean when they call someone a friend?
is it someone they’ve known long enough to trust?
is it someone they feel comfortable around?
is it someone who always approves of your decisions (or lack thereof) and acts supportive regardless of what you do?
is it just someone who still remembers your name?..

i believe that friendship is about sharing and brainstorming and learning things together (from life and from each other); about being a team. about information as well as about emotion

there, i said it. information. friends have to have things they want to talk about, other than their daily routines of boredom and frustration. friends are people you want to do things with. when somebody tells me, ‘hey, let’s write/translate/do this together’ is when i feel genuinely wanted and loved

after a certain insight, communication is no longer about raw attention. it’s about a common purpose. it’s something most online contacts totally lack. it’s why you strike up a conversation with someone, and the next day you’re both out of things to say. there’s nothing that really connects you. and by ‘really’, i mean, ‘REALLY’. tangibly. outside your skull 16 months ago

notwhatyouthinkFinding new friends

I can now finally say that I changed my friend group. I felt like I couldn’t be myself with my so called friends. So even thought it was hard because you just don’t change the people you hang out. It was a long prose’s but it’s done.
My new friends get me and actually like me. I’m not afraid of doing something wrong and that they’d run away. 18 months ago

PRETterI don't have a best friend anymore

I don’t have a best friend anymore, and other friendships are scarce and pathetic. I’m lonely; I need new friends in my life. 20 months ago

JaneMarieNuts to this...

No need to make new friends here. The task is practically impossible for me anyway. Focusing on moving seems more pertinent at the moment. With any luck more like minded people will reside in my future location. 23 months ago


THis isn’t gong so well…

Everyone I meet and try to befriend ends up trying to have sex with me…

Kinda annoying… 2 years ago


hey 2 years ago

JaneMariemy new work place rocks!

And I am making friends there left ad right. 2 years ago


i have stronger friendships, new friends and will look 4ward to friends i havent met yet! 2 years ago

skyjuicelimoPlanet Earth.. a distant memory

Yeah that’s hard. I just moved overseas. Don’t know anybody. Kinda sucks really. I’m in Norway by the way. Feels like I’m on a different planet. 3 years ago

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