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SamSamanthaManthaPractical Knowledge

Pass pesticide applicator’s core test 8 months ago

SamSamanthaManthaBuddhist Reading

Lotus Sutra
Mahayana Buddhism
Read Wikipedia
Nicheren Buddhism
The Buddha in Daily Life 9 months ago

Just KeithFor Self Satisfaction, for Personal Growth, to Exercise the Brain, to Remind Me Just How Fascinating this Universe Is

Read current NF book
Study Finnish 3 years ago


can i get orkut password? 6 years ago


The experience of the seminar of thai with Michael Buck was amazing. what a great person to learn from.
My next goal is the rebirthing trainning on december. I am excited. 7 years ago


a very interesting book of shiatsu that i am reading… dying to try it with someone. 7 years ago


Andrea she rented a car, and reserved the hotel. so funny! 7 years ago


I am doing the payments tomorrow we r going to have FUN while we LEARN

ABUNDANCE7 years ago

AdrianAug 12 and 13

My friend Andrea and I we are going to Mt. Duna Fl, for a workshop. SO FUNNY!!!! YES ABUNDANCE7 years ago


I received the dvds, so good!
i started studyign today 7 years ago

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