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make Gerard Way and Bert Mccracken be friends again!


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I wish they were friends again 3 years ago

demonthief13Completly! I want Bert And Gerard to be friends again!

Then we could have them singing on stage for Under Pressure and You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison again!

Does anyone know why they broke up?
I kinda think maybe because Bert was on drugs and Gerard wasn’t.

Either that or they were doing it with each other and Bert got jealous of Frank Iero.

shrugs6 years ago


I miss them being friends!!!!!!!! :( it’s like another good thing in this world is gone!!!!! 6 years ago


yeah i agreeeeee watching them do under pressure and stuff they wer so close! and watching lotms, when they first met [ha] 6 years ago

SamBLovesGerardWI want them to be friends again!

I can’t believe that they’re still not friends!! i used to love laughing at the things they did together because it always showed people how great they were as mates!!

They were sooo close and always had a really good laugh together! Bert should be able to be happy for Gerards success not jelous!!

It makes me really sad that they’re still not friends!!! 6 years ago

XGerardxIsXsoxPurdyXI want Gerard Way and Bert MCcracken to be friends again

Would’nt it be great if Gerard (mcr) and Bert (the used) became friends again? They were such good mates. Why did they break up? Bert should stop being jealous about the bands sucess.Gerard misses Bert, and Bert misses Gerard so someone needs to just get them back together. Who agrees with me??? 8 years ago


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