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buy a yacht

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Ali NoeinUntitled

i want buy yacht 3 years ago


Need to. NEED. 3 years ago

damniamsexyNeed 2

Take a yacht course and buy 1 pls reply recomendations 4 years ago


I have visited yacht shops and I have an idea of which ones I like 4 years ago

viannetianbuy a yacht

save enough money to buy it coz i love sea so much!!! 4 years ago

TriplephreakBought it....!

Fabulous 27 foot Jeanneau Fantasia moored by Belle Isle in Windermere 5 years ago

dharmalexI got the ship! A 36 foot offshore sloop.

But I had to sell my house to do it :(

I got lots of painting, rewelding, cleaning (diesel smell), and rewiring, reconfiguring interior to do, but…it’s my boat and it will be a dreamship in a few month’s time (I hope) ready to sail around the world! Right now it looks like crap, but that will change. She’s a solid ship of steel under that scratched surface. 6 years ago


i don’t think that a chateau and a yacht is too much to ask for?? 8 years ago


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