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feetaswheelsPragmatic Shape

I didn’t want to get in shape to look good naked or impress anyone. I did it so I could live my life without worrying about heart problems and having to sit down every 20 minutes. To that end, endless hours of cardio (largely through basketball), long distance backpacking (great for pretty much the entire body), and designed exercises (farmer’s walks, bear crawls, etc) were imperative in achieving this for me. 18 hours ago


i’ve just started walking around the block, totally doable when you’re sick and in flip flops too :) 3 days ago

ElzaARunning and Cycling

I think that running probably is the best cardio exercise, I love that i had the couradge to get out and run. There isn’t many people who run where I live.

And cycling is the best transport to school. It’s faster than walking and sometimes even waiting for bus + I can get fitter in the same time. 5 days ago


I want to get into this again. I was injured for a week, turned out I had tendonitis. After that, I got ill and also had problems with my ankle. So, things haven’t been great for me in that respect. However, I plan on starting off again on Tuesday. 3 weeks ago

ElzaAI'm back!

Few days ago I just really got sick with my lack of physical abilities, so today I sign up to Fitocracy.

It’s like a game .You have a workout and then you track what you did, they give you points for that and you even level up! 1 month ago


Need to run. Bike. Swim. Do insanity. Weights. Cut out sugar.. cook healthy foods 1 month ago


Today is my day off after back, shoulders and abs last night.

Unfortunately, I’ve experienced pain in my right arm near the tendon, which is bad. So, I’ll try and refrain from doing any more damage to my right arm. It’s upsetting because I need my arm for all the exercises so I probably shouldn’t do legs tomorrow to avoid serious injury. 1 month ago


Chest, Biceps, Triceps Workout

Did all of the exercises with the 8lbs band and it was OK for most of the exercises. Just struggled with the resisted pushups so only did 3×8 reps. For all of the other exercises I did 3×10 or even 15 reps.

Back, shoulders and abs tomorrow! 1 month ago

amayanaLeg Day

I did legs yesterday and it was rather miserable, haha! I was incredibly tired after running around all day and so were my legs. 1 month ago


Did back, shoulders and abs today. Kept switching resistance bands because I think my shoulders are still quite weak in comparison to my back and abs. I was OK with the 8 lbs band during the back and abs exercises but had to go back to the 3 lbs band for the shoulder ones. Maybe next week I can switch to the 8 lbs for all of them!

I never thought it would be so much fun. I feel so much more accomplished after my workout sessions and even a bit sad on my off days haha. But I’m sure at some point I will be thankful for those off days : )

Tomorrow it’s time for those legs! 1 month ago

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