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i did this a few years ago and got up to the 80th decimal..and then i ate pie. 8 years ago

AgpiousPi Day

Maybe next year pi day won’t be the same day as Purim and I can celebrate it somehow.. 8 years ago


I forgot to get my friends to test my knowledge of pi…but I counted myself and got to 33 digits. I’m going to have pi for tea. I introduced my maths teacher to pi day, he thought it was pretty nifty. 8 years ago


I’m handing out 18 pi day cards today, and I am taking apple pi into school. My lunch will be bagels, because they are round…and circles are relevant today.

Now time for some last minute ‘cramming’ before my friends test me for how many digits of pi I can get to. 8 years ago

a man named LewUntitled

My card for my gd. That’s pi to the Feynman point. 8 years ago


That be tomorrow. 8 years ago

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fortythree has an interesting blog interstate forty-three with this entry on pi and the occurrence of the digit pair 43: Pi with 43 43’s changed to fortythree

Nice:) 8 years ago

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Singer Kate Bush’s recently released album “Aerial” contains a song titled “π,” in which she sings π to over one hundred decimal places. Fans have discovered that she got some of them wrong, however, and actually misses twenty-two numbers. Fans are calling Bush’s version “Kate’s π.”

I’m not a fan, but I am curious about her song π.

Via search.com8 years ago

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Of the many mnemonic devices for memorising pi, here is one that might just work

(...) fits the tune of “America” from West Side Story:

_Three point one four one five nine,
two six five three five eight nine,
seven nine three two three eight four,
six two six and a whole lot more._

by Rebecca Brannon

Found at Piphilology8 years ago

a man named LewCow pi

Something that would get the taste buds of Desperate Dan excited.

Image from the web site of Dr Peter Borwein

I wonder what font that is. 8 years ago

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