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track_back101Have Life Experiences That Make Interesting Stories

Enough with the same schedule!
Now is the time to go and do something that makes you step out of your circle.
Express and let out. 17 months ago


a 17 day holiday including 10 days at a music festival gave me some fairly unusual stories as well as a great tan :) for example, i doubt i will ever again go to a bar where you’re not allowed to wear shoes, but instead throw them into the middle of the dance floor and then do the conga around them. it was one weird experience. 20 months ago


I really really need to work on this goal, my life is so boring, I even started thinking about committing suicide since everything is going the wrong way in my life, anyway I’m not going to kill myself so no worries, I just hope that I’ll manage to find a way to have great life experiences to feel like a human and not a robot 20 months ago

that one girlrecap:

phone call from the pentagon.
bacon at clinical.
the heimlich situation.
the ex girlfriend pursuit.
high speed vommiting.
rock and roll hall of fame luggage debacle.
the train trip from hell.
tripping on a sharks tooth.
the anti father experience.
8th grade drop out.
hit and honk drive by.
how to throw a party – big daddy’s big pig bbq style.
pittsburg – speeding. applebee’s. popcorn at express. midgets. etc.
the barn fire. 21 months ago

kmullicanMaybe a hiking buddy?

I’m meeting other veterans and seeing if anyone wants to go with me in October to the expedition…it’d be nice to have someone there that I know to help motivate me and to already have a friend in a group of strangers! 21 months ago

kmullicanHiking boots!

Received my Columbia hiking boots and my North Face hiking and climbing tennis shoes in the mail yesterday!!! Already have started packing my things for the excursion in October…under armour type shirts, fleece shirts to go over the under armour, sports bras, wool socks and polyester lining socks, moisture wicking shorts and pants…and looking for a ton more on ebay and in thrift stores!!! 21 months ago


Totally working on this now with my flying lessons and expedition!! 22 months ago

Michaela MooreSo far:

Here, I’m going to write a list of things I feel have made interesting stories so far:

- Carried out 4 weeks volunteering in New Zealand
- Played drinking games with people from all around the world
- Been zorbing, twice.
- White water rafted down the largest commercially rafted waterfall in the world.
- Black water rafted
- Abseiled
- Drank cocktails out of teapots
- Seen the Northern Lights
- Walked on a glacier, twice.
- Been in the blue lagoon in Iceland
- Stood on volcanoes in Tenerife and Iceland
- Went to a bar for ‘one’ drink, ended up meeting a bunch of randoms and rolling in at 3am.
- Moved to a different city where I knew no one for University.
- Had the best three years of my life so far at University. 22 months ago


tiptoeing around life to reach at death’s door is hardly the stuff of movies. or books. being open to new and interesting things are. :) 23 months ago

heynessa...in th eye of the beholder?

I guess some people I know would say that I already do or have done this… I just feel it’s not quite intereting enough! 2 years ago

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