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Cyber SailorUntitled

Well these books are not going to read themselves!
I’m trying to keep up with a new routine: read for 30-60 minutes a day, every day… If this works then I’ll be working well on my list.. :) 8 months ago


...96 12 months ago


97 on my ‘To Read’ List on Goodreads now!! I feel like I’ve been stuck on Anna Karenina for a lifetime. :) 14 months ago


My husband gave me NookColor for my birthday. I have probably read 12 books since I received it in Mid-August. I’ve lost count at this point. I think I need to review my pile list so that I can add some more of these and get this goal finished! 2 years ago

fijicat81Book Club

I’ve been participating in a local book club. So it’s not necessarily from my “must read” pile, but I’ve been reading a whole lot more! 3 years ago

Cyber SailorBreaking down the original list

The list is big, and it’s growing.. So I’m taking it easy..
I separated few books that I already own (not those I’m going to buy yet), and those I’m planning on reading with my book clubs groups,, Here it is, the smaller list with chosen items : http://ngnoah.tadalist.com/lists/1810870/public

Much smaller and easier to manage.. I’ll be reading one book each month, and large books will be taking a bit longer.. But I hope by the end of 2011, the list small will be over..

Starting of today, I’m reading the first on the list: Orientalism.. 3 years ago

lucindanicolei'm not good at this!

if a book doesnt just bring me completely into it, i become a “juggler”. my main focus was girl with the dragon tattoo (after 4 attempts, might i add), but it just is not moving quickly enough! because of that, after getting a gift card for christmas to buy more books, i just added 2 more books to pile. :/ so now i’m reading the new one i bought as well…

being at home is difficult too, because i have a large bookshelf in my room full of books i have read, not read, and not quite finished. so now i’m like “ooooh i want to read/reread that one too!”, and i’m just all over the place!

i also have a horrible habit of starting books that are a part of a series…



I move or got rid of this pile. 3 years ago


I’m never going to be able to complete this task. I hve so many I want to read yet I keep finding out about others so right now I have a pile of 15 books I’ve taken from my uni library to be read.

I’ll forever have a list or pile of books I want to read. Studying eng lit doesn’t really help though. 3 years ago


106 now… I thought I’d have read A LOT more than that! 3 years ago

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