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ChocthunHad a slight chance

Here in Colorado. We got up on the mountain at 2am with about 15 other brave souls. It started snowing sideways, couldn’t see a thing! 1 month ago


This week it’s visible from the UK and tomorrow night is meant to be the best night for seeing it so I’m going to drive up high and try see it :) So excited 3 months ago


....has a deal to see the Northern Lights. I doubt I can afford it this side of Christmas but hopefully the deal will crop up again in the new year. Also, it’s a deal for two sharing a room so I need to find someone to come with me! 18 months ago

DustyTymesPlaces To SEE The Northern Lights. (ANY SUGGESTIONS?)

Since I live in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, I would seem that the best place to see the Aurora Borealis would be in Alaska.
An Alaskan cruise would be nice where I wouldn’t have to drive. If I do a cruise, I would like to do some SIGHTSEEING (excursions) on the way.

There might be some OTHER options to see the Northern Lights like visit Norway (or some other place), but currently I have no passport nor family (that I am aware of) in other countries. Although, it WOULD be a fun experience.

Maybe someone out there might share some places where I might enjoy this experience?19 months ago

cmarie33Not quite

This is a delayed post, but I want to make sure I record this anyway. A few weeks ago there was a big solar flare. The news reports said there was a slight chance of seeing the aurora borealis in our area, so I piled my dogs in the car after dark and drove out to a remote area. There were no lights and you could see the sky for miles. We pulled off on the side of the road and just looked at the sky. No aurora borealis, but what a beautiful experience anyway!! There were frogs chirping the moon was big and bright and the breeze was just perfect!

That night as I was getting ready for bed, I kept peeking out the window for one last possible glimpse. I read that the solar flares are supposed to peak next year – perhaps I should take a winter trip to Iceland (I don’t need anyone to twist my arm to go back there!). 2 years ago

takebrokenmeGod is good.

This. From my own driveway, after the most amazing weekend of encountering and worshipping the living King. 2 years ago


Learn culture and history of Alaska and the aurora borealis. 2 years ago


This was amazingly- breathtakingly beautiful!!!! Felt sooo blessed to have been able to experience this in my life! 2 years ago

cubilone_Travelled to the North... but no luck...

I did try to see the Aurora but it just wasn’t the right time… Norway and Sweden were great though.

http://cubimension.net/blog/?p=2190 2 years ago

cubilone_It just might...

...next month I want to travel to Tromso, Norway to attempt seeing the aurora. It’s a very good chance because I’m living in Denmark these months. Maybe a dream will come true… 2 years ago

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