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go on a road trip with no predetermined destination

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Always loved going on road trips. 2 weeks ago

IrritatedWeaselWhich way??

Now living in South Korea. Wife and I jumped in the car and just said, ””which way”.

Had an amazing full day. Back alleys, off track roads.

Awesome. 4 weeks ago

DamienFun random trip!

It was a cross country road trip with nothing but belongings and a car. Was certainly an exciting trip and a goal I had in the pass that is worth noting here. Many people want to do this also, and I encourage the opportunity to experience the same. 1 month ago

красивейшая БогиняI did this once in my early 20s with my boyfriend....

.. for a dirty weekend romantic getaway. It was early February, freezing with thick thick fog and he drove us one Friday evening for hours and hours. Finally we reached his destination, my non-predetermined destination, only to find it too pitch dark and full of fog to see in front of our noses, let alone where my surprise destination was.

Early morning, after trying to sleep in his mini-metro with our teeth cracking from the cold, we find the fog has lifted. Eagerly I look around and to my horror discovered that we’d spent the night in Sizewell nuclear power station’s car park. The car was parked right up against the reactor’s walls.

And who said romance was dead? 1 month ago

calibelleAll Aboard

I used the Amtrak rail pass to travel the country. When I was not asleep on the train, I used airbnb.com and travel sites to find a room.

If you study the trail schedules well and use your time right, you can travel the entire country. 2 months ago

Ajit Gunge2014 will be a year I will experiment a lot!!!

This will be one of those things!!! 3 months ago


This one was kind of easy. My parents love random roadtrips and I am forced to go on every single one. 4 months ago

tourek231Go on a Road trip

This is something I’ve always wanted to do. I would have wanted to go with my gf/fiancée at the time however life doesn’t always pan out the way that you want it to. Hopefully I will be finding a good group of friends and get a week off work to do absolutely nothing but drive. I have never truly gone out of my area but I feel the need to do so. I’ll need to save up a bit. 4 months ago

naughtyminx78A day of adventures!

K had a day off work during half term this week and we decided to take advantage of us all being together for the day to go on our road trip with no predetermined destination.

I told the three children that they would each take a turn directing me and that I would drive wherever they told me to. At each roundabout or junction I gave choices and all three of them did well in making quick decisions.

I then let each of them choose somewhere they would like to stop. Jimmers chose first, we drove past Grove Ferry Inn and I slowed down to look at the boats on the river, he spotted some goats and wanted to stop to pet them. Much to the little ones amusement the biggest goat started eating K’s scarf!

We set off again and this time K managed to find a park in Canterbury that we had never been to. I never would have found it as it was in a residential area and I really thought there would be nothing there. It was a great park with gym style machines as well as a traditional play park. It was a beautiful sunny crisp day and perfect for playing.

After the park we were starting to get hungry so I let Ems choose where to go for lunch. She spotted a hotel (fortunately with an open restaurant) and so we stopped for some lunch.

Next we drove through Blean and came across Druidstone Park. I’ve driven past it many times but had never been. It was a lovely wildlife park with free running fallow deer and lots of animals that, much to the children’s delight, could be fed. They also had a Halloween hunt where the children had to find bats around the park to win a prize. My favourite was the enchanted wood, there were giants footprints, tree people, goblins, a dragon and a hobbit house. We finished with a play in their adventure playground before heading home.

I was glad that the plan worked and the children managed to direct me to some great places! I was a little worried that we’d just end up driving round the area we live and not find anywhere new but we did and it was a wonderful day! 5 months ago

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