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The bucket of bright red paint that has been sitting on my kitchen floor for over a month is begging to be spread on my walls. 3 years ago

ynaffitIsn't it pretty?

Well, except for the junk on the counter!!! 4 years ago

katelynpaint my kitchen

since moving into our apartment last fall, we painted the bedroom and dining room right away, but never got to the kitchen (which is the worst of them all!) so im going to do it this spring (when the house isnt so cold and there’s more light) and instead of butter yellow walls, it’ll have pretty red walls that match the dining room :) 5 years ago

Down to Onegetting ready

I sanded and painted the trim around the windows yesterday. I sanded the ceiling around one of the electrical boxes where the light fixture will go. I will have to get all the drywall repair on the ceiling complete and the light fixtures up and running before I can paint the walls. I will need some help with the drywall repair because I really suck at it,especially when I am trying to work on the ceiling- walls are hard enough. 5 years ago

obelixcabinet finished!

Yay! I painted the old kitchen cabinet! I still have one more part of the cabinet to finish so I can’t cross this off the list just yet. 5 years ago


Well, I actually ended up just doing it without paying.
Just got really fed up and now it’s done with some help.
I’m happy about this, should have done it a while ago 5 years ago


Painted it purple. :) 5 years ago

dreambig1973Bought the paint today

Can’t wait to see how long it takes us to crack open the can LOL! Just kidding… when I get home me and the hubby will put together a game plan:) 5 years ago

Missyon43thingsI'm paying student paint job to do it

i just do not have the strength nor the time to do this. So I decided that for the right price I’ll pay someone to do it. I’m getting it done this summer. I already have my contract, i just need to pick a day for them to come.
It’s better for me to pay someone to do it rather than complain about the kitchen and hating longer than I already have. 5 years ago

slahiowaPaint my kitchen!

I’ve been working on this darn kitchen for over two years now! Okay, I started on it the weekend after we moved in and it wasn’t the best time to start. Two days after moving into our home, I found out we were expecting our first child. That was November 2006! Yep, I’m a major slacker!!

After taking months to try and get wall paper off the walls, my neighbor came over and we started priming the walls. That was May-June 2007. I haven’t touched it since. I know…slacker!!

My goal is to have this kitchen FINISHED BEFORE MOTHER’S DAY 2008! 6 years ago

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