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Am I still taking a break?

I have a list of places to apply/think, why would I ever work there? I have my resume mostly done.

Looking for big girl jobs is terrifying and exciting, in equal amounts.

I guess my break is done, I’m bored and still sleeping ten hours a night. 2 months ago


It does feel like this past school year didn’t happen. Wasn’t I sleep deprived and having emotional breakdowns every three weeks? I slept 10 hours every night for the past three nights and I feel fine, ready for the next thing.
My habits changed a lot in the past eight months. I want to keep doing what I was doing, instead of going back to reading a lot and enjoying my time at home. I still feel like I need to keep doing something, just for the sake of having something to do.

I’m nervous about a few things:
  • I won’t have a full-time job
  • And if I do, I’ll be really bad at it or hate it like I hated working at McD’s
  • I’ll lose my friends
  • I won’t make enough to pay my bills
  • My car insurance is going to up astronomically and nobody will be able to afford it
  • Things with my boyfriend will go south (which should be the least of my worries, just over three months in, we don’t have any sort of deal-breaking problems)
  • The world will literally catch on fire, my family will disown me, I’ll get leprosy and live under a bridge in a gutter for the rest of my life 2 months ago


Things that happen the first day of being A Real Adult©: you get into a car accident.


But I did watch a movie and eat a box of mac and cheese and felt absolutely horrible after, but it was delicious.

Also, I have goals for seven parts of my life (financial, friends, work, personal, etc.) and I realized I picked up a bad habit this year. My main way of rewarding myself has become spending money for things I don’t need. I never used to spend this much (mostly because I didn’t have it) and I don’t feel like I’m getting what I’m spending, you know?

When I started my job, I felt like I was rolling in money all the time. Then I figured out I could spend more, and once you spend it, you don’t feel like you have anything except an empty checking account. 2 months ago


It’s so nice not to have anything real to do. I watched a movie, I just made coffee, me and my boyfriend are going out later.

Eventually, I’ll have to rejoin the rest of the world, but today is not that day. 2 months ago

МилаIt begins:

Hot shower and a book in bed until I pass out at 10pm and not set any alarms and maybe I’ll wake up by noon and maybe wash my hair tomorrow, we’ll see. 2 months ago

Jackie LovitchTaking a break after a stressful few hours

I’m listening to music and sitting outside for a bit. 13 months ago

AFrayedKnotThanks for being awesome

about the not returning cheers. I appreciate the kind notes of support. I foresee the next six weeks continuing to be crazy. Eldest son’s “wedding” is coming up (they had a legal ceremony before their 8 month military separation but are now having a wedding) at the end of June. After the wedding I’ll take off to see Dad. My youngest son will come with me. He’s not thinking he’s going to make it through the pre-surgery chemo so I need to go before surgery rather than after as they had originally asked.

I should be back in late July. Until then I”ll continue to be popping in and out but not really able to interact much. I’m sorry if I missed a question or comment somewhere. And I know my email thing isn’t working right and I’m not able to open your private msgs. will figure that out when I can.

I’m mostly hanging on FB right now because that’s where my family and students are. I can’t manage both at the moment.

Back in full force in late July or so… 2 years ago

AFrayedKnotDad had a second CT Scan

and is currently consulting with a liver specialist. Best case scenario is Stage 3 cancer (35% prognosis) with a more likely Stage 4 cancer (25% prognosis). 2 years ago


Dad’s cancer has metastized through the colon wall, into the lymph nodes and some spots on the liver. It is an aggressive fast-moving camcer. Doesn’t look good. I will most likely be flying out next week. 2 years ago

AFrayedKnotTaking a Break

I will be taking a break from 43T for awhile. I got news today that my Dad has colon cancer. I’m not closing my account but I will be gone for awhile. I will also be removing the threads about resigning teaching. I’m a bit overwhelmed. Between giving up teaching which I adore and dealing with the news about my Dad and all the past that dredges up..I’m just about done in. Keeping up with cheers and posts is just too much. 2 years ago

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