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Jackie LovitchTaking a break after a stressful few hours

I’m listening to music and sitting outside for a bit. 10 months ago

AFrayedKnotThanks for being awesome

about the not returning cheers. I appreciate the kind notes of support. I foresee the next six weeks continuing to be crazy. Eldest son’s “wedding” is coming up (they had a legal ceremony before their 8 month military separation but are now having a wedding) at the end of June. After the wedding I’ll take off to see Dad. My youngest son will come with me. He’s not thinking he’s going to make it through the pre-surgery chemo so I need to go before surgery rather than after as they had originally asked.

I should be back in late July. Until then I”ll continue to be popping in and out but not really able to interact much. I’m sorry if I missed a question or comment somewhere. And I know my email thing isn’t working right and I’m not able to open your private msgs. will figure that out when I can.

I’m mostly hanging on FB right now because that’s where my family and students are. I can’t manage both at the moment.

Back in full force in late July or so… 23 months ago

AFrayedKnotDad had a second CT Scan

and is currently consulting with a liver specialist. Best case scenario is Stage 3 cancer (35% prognosis) with a more likely Stage 4 cancer (25% prognosis). 23 months ago


Dad’s cancer has metastized through the colon wall, into the lymph nodes and some spots on the liver. It is an aggressive fast-moving camcer. Doesn’t look good. I will most likely be flying out next week. 23 months ago

AFrayedKnotTaking a Break

I will be taking a break from 43T for awhile. I got news today that my Dad has colon cancer. I’m not closing my account but I will be gone for awhile. I will also be removing the threads about resigning teaching. I’m a bit overwhelmed. Between giving up teaching which I adore and dealing with the news about my Dad and all the past that dredges up..I’m just about done in. Keeping up with cheers and posts is just too much. 23 months ago

bermudamohawkor not

I can’t stay away. I thought this was what I needed, and maybe it still is. I only gave it two days, after all. But I need 43T right now. I need the wonderful, caring, supportive, and inspirational community. I need a place to turn when I reflect on March goals or losing weight or just about anything else. This is my comfort zone.

I can still work on the really serious things on my own. Ish.

So I “failed.” Oh well. I feel relieved to be back.

My apologizes for being so damn dramatic in the first place!2 years ago


Life is throwing me some major curveballs. As much as I WANT to be on 43T to help get through this time, I’m feeling like I need to figure things out for myself. I’ve always been the type of person that relies on the insight and opinions of others to make decisions, but this time it must come from within. I know I’ll be back (I can’t stay away from this place and all the amazing people here!) but I’m just not sure when.

Thanks again to all my subscribers and friends. I’ll see you again soon, I hope. 2 years ago

SnapCracklep0pCutting myself some slack

I’m finally giving myself a break.
I’m no longer to blame for everything that goes wrong, or went wrong or is wrong.
It’s ok to make mistakes and be human. God loves me this way and so will I. 5 years ago


I want to take a meaningful break. One that really recharges me. Not one in which I just veg in from of T.V. 5 years ago

SnapCracklep0pLet go

I swear I have let go of so much.
I don’t try to understand it all anymore, and I feel lighter.
The Lord is willing, so why fight it? <3 5 years ago

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