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Bharat GarachhA Great Philosophy about life

Some Philosophy Quotes

Make Peace with your past so it will not screw up the present

We people always live in past & future.But If our present is not happy then how will make best our future.Past is like salt.if we consume less then taste of food would be bad as well as consume more then it would be same.So we should consume salt where as needed.Like past ,If we memories past in some days then it makes us happy.But if we live in past then our future & present would be unhappy.From bad past we can teach many things & from good past we make happy from it..In short past is teacher who teach us how to behave in present & future.

What other people think about you is none of your business

we people always think about that what other people will say if I says that or I will do.But I think we should not more think about other people. But yes, my mean is not that to hurt someone .Just do it what you want.Go on path what you want to be.
Time Heals almost everything give times

I heard some before couple of years that SUICIDE IS PERMANENT SOLUTION OF TEMPORARY PROBLEM. Our all problems are temporary depend on us how we face it.If your boyfriend/girlfriend dumped or leave you.Then gives the time yourself to forget the past.I knows it is very difficult to forget but time heals almost everything give time.

No one is incharge of your happiness expect you

Only one person make you happy & the person is you ( yourself).Don’t compare your life to others and don’t judge them.You have no idea what their journey is all about.STOP thinking too much.It’s alright not to know all the answers.They will come to you when you least expect it. 3 years ago

rocketbell9Life and Death

Life is a blessing that always ends in death there is no avoiding it. We appreciate life and fear death but without death there would be no life, our lives would be a never ending dream. A person can only truly be unhappy if they believe they are so. People blindly run from fear hoping to escape but it is impossible to escape fear because fear is within people it is always with you no matter how far you run. To fear death is to fear life itself. 3 years ago

rocketbell9cause of conflict between god and lucifer

Is it possible to live a life without a meaningful purpose? Is it possible that we are all just subjects of god meant to be loyal to him and fair to others? I ask myself these questions on my happiest of days but never find an answer. I began to wonder if maybe these ideas were confused by Lucifer. What if he was still trying to fulfill his purpose of being fair to others and worshiping god. The entire conflict could be as simple as god being to strict about his policies on who gets into heaven and who doesn’t. maybe Lucifer was trying to be fair by letting everyone in, and that started his conflict with god. 3 years ago

topherpusaWritings that define my philosophy

I have over 300,000 words of my own philosophy. The philosophies are there scattered deep within the writings, they just need to be brought out more and more descriptively defined. 4 years ago


Though I haven’t created a full philosophy yet, I have created a priority list. To be able to recall it easily, I compiled everything into seven categories. 6 years ago

isaac4vaughanYour Mythic Journey

An old book that I found in the library called “Your Mythic Journey” probes deep into belief systems. It showed me how much of myself is hidden in my subconscious because I couldn’t answer many of the questions. The book has interesting stories that show the eccentric nature of some people also. 6 years ago

rishushuklaPhilosphy vs Success In Life

Life deals with enormous changes which defines the success. Success requires energy to work for long with passion, and this passion can create disasters if it is not controlled. To control the passion one requires few limitations as rules. The rules and limitations should be governed by a PHILOSOHY. Because every individual should have a philosohy according to his situation. So join me, discuss your situation and goals and know what should be your philosphy of life, which can give you success in achieving your goals.

“lets work together for a beautiful world and humanity”

vivek pandey(Founder- VIVACIOUS Carings) 6 years ago

BenjaminI feel morally obligated to have some kind of coherant philosophy.

Really, it seems like almost everyone has an outlook on life, certain things they hold as principles or values, and some reasons. We have these views, and we imagine that they all fit together and make sense, but upon observation it seems that a lot of our views are just sitting there unattached to any larger principle, or perhaps conflicting with some other thing we believe.

I have this feeling like I should be able to trace any stance I have on any issue all the way back to my basic views on say, epistemology or metaphysics, or my thoughts about the existance of altruism or free will and so on. That I would have considered and have rebuttals for common objections. That it would all hang together. That I would change when I thought I needed to. That my philosophy should not simply be a sort of utopian view of the world, but account for and be practicable in my current life.

I don’t deny that there is some ego in it too, that on some level I would like to be able to point at its perfection and that its brilliance would just convince you that I am obviously right, as in all things. Maybe I would reach a point where I was just satisfied though, and maybe the ego will never enter into it in a bad way.

So, I like to read philosophy, and I have tried a few things in formulating my own outlook. One was just an idea dump of “I believe X (optionally ‘because of Y’). The idea was that I would rummage through it and see how it hung, if it revealed deeper principles and so on. Just write it for pages and then revisit it and add more. A belief journal. The other thing was to take some topic and write a mini-essay on it. Also there is the comparative approach, where you go to real basic philosophy, compare the various outlooks of philosophers, and make your own assessment. I think all of these approaches have merit, and I suppose I have to chalk it up to laziness or lack of motivation that I have not developed things further. 8 years ago

laloca03after class...

finally, a philosophy that makes sense. hegel! whaddaya know. maybe my brain is primed for the concept of Weltgeist because i’m such a fan of david brin’s earth9 years ago

laloca03some thoughts before class

All these philosophers believe in some “higher” concept/being/power. why? aristotle’s makes the most sense. beginning from the proposition that nothing can move unless something moves it, we are left with two possibilities: 1) there are an infinite number of “somethings” (time has no beginning) or 2) there is an original mover, imbued with the power to move itself.

I don’t see how the second proposition can be correct. what sort of power would allow something completely inert to move, sua sponte? I realize that the proposition that it cannot exist because I have never experienced it is a fallacy - i have never experienced sub-saharan Africa, and I’m pretty sure it does exist - but the leap to faith is a bit much for me.

so, back to the first proposition: time has no beginning. it is either an infinitely stretching string, or it is a circle. the circle idea was popular among many cultures, including the maya (el mundo al reves, el mundo al derecho). everything cycles. the seasons cycle, but individual things within the seasons change, grow, die, decompose, are reduced to irreducible bits and become other things. I can accept that. I have seen kittens and foals being born; cats and horses aging and dying. One of the oddest things I ever saw was a fly I had trapped in a small plastic box. It died in the box, and when I opened it several days later, it was crawling with maggots. Its own, most likely.

is that acceptable? tangible “things” exist as finite threads - hello, fates - on an enormous wheel. but i have cobbled this idea together from what I have read. Greek mythology. Indian mythology. The idea of the mandala. damn. let’s start again.

What do I know?

Does knowledge even exist? Or is there simply belief?
Can the mind create, without any “inputs”? Is there a capacity for originality, or is everything we do a reworking of that which we have experienced before?

Building blocks. Original awareness. Does a fetus “think”?

Is there a difference between human “thought” and animal “thought”? How am I different from my cats? Instinct or development of ideas through assumed consequences?
There we go again. The whole idea of consequences comes through observation. If I could observe nothing - feel, see, smell, hear nothing - would I believe that there are “causes” and “effects”?

I don’t see how our reality - that which we believe - can be divorced from our senses. 9 years ago

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