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OtterGirl537B's Family

A wonderful 28 hours or so of laughter. I don’t know how most families are but B’s family laughs together more than many I’ve seen. I was blessed to get to spend a little time with them this weekend, playing and laughing. It was wonderful. 7 months ago

meadowviewartistLaughed much this week...

Had the good fortune of being with two of my favorite storyteller friends Marni Gillard and Jay O’Callahan. Marni came to visit this week from upstate NY and I’m lucky Jay lives in my town. On Tuesday we spent nearly four hours together sharing new ideas, which included much laughing. Wednesday we went back to Jay’s to share a meditation, share more stories, and have dinner and laughs with Jay’s wife, Linda. Marni stayed with me and I took her to Cape Cod where we saw young kids jumping off the Sandwich Boardwalk. Also showed her some of my favorite local places to walk and think. I don’t think people can ever get enough fresh air, or laugh… 10 months ago

Sarah LambWhat made me laugh today

The self effacing humour in this cooking video made me laugh out loud today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLaGyRIbim4&feature=youtu.be
I also learned how to make a wrap! 10 months ago

0nepercenterWhat's funny? EVERYTHING!!!

This is probably the most important thing on my list. I think I’m just going to laugh right now. Just because I can. 12 months ago

this is just a testsure fire

Recipe for laffs = youtube vids of outtakes from your fave tv shows. Some suggestions are Parks & Recreation and The Office. If these do not make you laugh despite yourself, you are dead inside. 15 months ago

this is just a testsimultaneously too much & not enough information

me: I had a sex dream about Betty White last night.
sis: Just you & her?
me: No, just her & a bicycle. 17 months ago

Living In God's Exquisite, Miraculous SufficiencyWith Him

I get a lot of moments to get to laugh more with GV. Though I am normally a fairly happy person, real laughter has not been a real trait of mine, rather my children’s. I was such a serious child and as an adult, took on aggressively goals, ladened by perfectionism . . . .

With GV, I’m learning to laugh and to laugh more. Praise God! 18 months ago

this is just a testIf you don't think this is funny, there's something wrong with you. Seek help immediately.

Louis CK: Chewed Up18 months ago

this is just a testtmi

I peed in my pants today. Let me back up a little bit. I woke up with a uti. As a normally healthy 36 year old woman, I take it for granted that when I have to go to the bathroom, I will have plenty of time to make it to a toilet without incident. Not so this morning. The best part was my arch nemesis wanted to know why I was late for work. I looked her square in the eye & said “because I peed my pants.” I’m pretty sure that’s not what she wanted to hear. 18 months ago

this is just a testoffsite inservice

We had a party today for work. Free lunch puts everyone in a good mood. Even though our mgr had us doing some slightly mortifying exercises in self-disclosure, I don’t remember ever laughing so hard. I was physically exhausted in a good way afterwards. 18 months ago

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