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Cindy CyrusUntitled

I love food so much. Lucky me to have no problem about my weight hehehe I really want to expand my culinary experience and taste all food in this globe B-)) 2 years ago

Celesta ThomasScones...Ahhhhhh- Homer J. Simpson

My mom has taken it upon herself to expand her culinary experience as well. Not that she knows about it though. For the past few days she has been attempting to make the perfect scones. From big to little, buttery to dry, with tea and with soup its been nothing but the white stuff. But hey im not complaining. When I used to think of scones my anime brain would go HMM… isn’t that the nasty biskcets that Arthur from hetalia keeps trying to shove down peoples pie holes? But dispite my otaku preconseption Ive been growing fond of the things and maybe next time I’ll help her out. 2 years ago

Daniela MillerAs a Celiac person...

I really want to build a menu for people like me, maybe even a resturant one day with authentic middle eastern food for people like me.
You think it’ll be popular? 3 years ago


New foods are fun! I love expanding my culinary experiences. I try all kinds of foods! 7 years ago


Expanded a bit, now I move onto expanding more!

Hat tip: Baguette, tomato puree, good cheese, orogano. Optional pasta with black pepper, butter and olive oil. Can’t go wrong! 8 years ago

carlaannDoes anybody know

where I’ve misplaced my stove? 8 years ago

ten ebut then...

This is an extra-challenge for anyone who wants to lose weight! 9 years ago

Jeff KramerUntitled

Alton Brown’s my guru in this regard, but I haven’t had time or motivation to truly explore cooking. 9 years ago


I’m a decent cook but I’d like to push myself to experiment with new dishes instead of endless variations (or lack of) of the old stand-bys.

I’d also like to make an effort to experience the fine dining choices available in the area and sample different cuisines. 9 years ago


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