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I have always been amazed by the way other people live. I think the Eiffel Tower is beautiful. I love the way French people speak, as well. I recently took a French class, and I loved it. Unfortunately, I moved schools so I could not complete the class. Going to this location is truly a dream of mine. 2 years ago

herbal_TOooh La La!!

I FINALLY went to Paris! Hopped on a flight with my best bud from Leeds Bradford airport, and spent 4 days eating jambon et fromage, sipping red wine, pointing at famous landmarks and soaking up the culture…..and nearly getting run over because the French road system is horrendous! No matter, however, because I loved it all!
I have an old friend who lives in Paris and we met up for a meal in a lovely Bistro on the Camps Elysee, extra little treat there!
Wandered up to the second floor of The Eiffel Tower (couldn’t go to the top, not allowed because of the weather), saw the L’Arc de Triomphe and The Louvre and The Notre Dame Cathedral. Couldn’t believe my eyes, seeing all the fantastic historical stuff :)
Well worth a visit, just for a long weekend to see the major bits and pieces.
J’adore Paris! 2 years ago


I promised myself I’d take myself to Paris for my 21st Birthday. Sit and drink wine, eat bread and cheese, read, read, read… And at the grand old age of 24 I’m finally going!!
I go on Weds the 15th Feb (so next week) with my best friend and I can’t wait!! We’re going to go to some restaurants and bars, see some sights and generally cringe at our awful pronunciations of French words :)
Very excited, we have 4 days/3 nights there and I’m going to make the most of it :)
xXx 2 years ago


Hopefully someday I’ll be able to visit the city of Love! 3 years ago

MiaKyteNice is Nice

but Paris…well its Paris :) 3 years ago


I now just have to get the money to do it. Let’s see if I can actually do it before the next millennium! :) 5 years ago

MissaMarie5980Ah Paris

I have wanted to visit Paris for as long as I can remember. The romance of the city is enchanting, the history intrigues me, the language is beautiful and I want to experience all of it! 6 years ago

TaraLeeMIParis in the Springtime

I have heard that it is like NYC but only french. I want to go this year. 6 years ago

lapzterGay Paris

Would love to take my wife to Paris. 6 years ago


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