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Move to New York City

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NEW YORK<3 17 months ago


I just added this goal. Probably won’t seriously try this for two years. 17 months ago


I just love every aspect that comes with city life. 18 months ago


My best friend of 10 years moved to New York City today. She’s going to be an actress. It stings to know anyone, that is not me, lives in New York City but when its my best friend..its like boulder on my chest.. fuck. Who will be my rock now? Ive got to get out of this fuck faced evil tease of a state, New Jersey. 19 months ago

gigibean9090I just want to live in New York City once.

This is all I have ever wanted since I was 9 years old. For me it seems so far fetched but I want it so bad I need to try. 21 months ago

Tasha MichelleJust a small tip

Invest in the Chinese Bus! Dont be afraid to ride them, they are cheap, safe, and a lot cleaner and faster than Greyhound. This helped me get back and forth to North Carolina when I was short on cash! 23 months ago

J PUntitled

I arrived on Leap Year. It’s been bitter sweet to leave behind so many great friends but I am excited to experience the city and know that I will stay in touch with my friends back home and hopefully even have them visit me here! 2 years ago

J PIt's on.

Last friday, I finished my last day of work at my employer in Dallas and purchased my one-way ticket to NYC.

February 29th, I head out. 2 years ago


Move to NYC after I am done with my undergraduate work. 2 years ago

Lindsey LowryUntitled

Want to get out of debt ( pay off traffic tickets, student loans, IRS)

And save 10,000

Goal to move by May of 2014 2 years ago

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