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SarabandSometimes goals aren't achieved in the way one first expects

I’m going to mark this goal as ‘done’. I haven’t won any money (yet) but nonetheless I feel that I’ve still “won”.

Something had urged me to set this goal despite knowing at the time there was little I could do towards achieving it beyond buying lottery tickets.

At the time I’d recently applied for a job at a local hospice. Reading through their website I discovered it had been set up in memory of a young woman who had died at almost the same age and at almost the same time as my sister: almost thirty years ago now. I also discovered all kinds of wonderful ways in which I might contribute to their fundraising, including a lottery – which in itself raises in excess of £100,000 per year – and I’ve now set up a direct debit.

I’ve not lived in this part of the country for long. It feels good to be contributing to a local cause, set up and run by and for local people. Whether I win any money is entirely incidental; I’ve gained in other ways :) 4 years ago


It doesn’t have to be a big win really – I’m not greedy :) But I have a feeling about the pattern life is taking at the moment and the lottery keeps creeping into my head ..

Then an email crept into my inbox reminding me that I have an online lottery account which has been devoid of funds for years.

So I’ve topped it up a little and set up some numbers for the next few weeks.

You’ve got to be in it to win it – and who knows …. :) 4 years ago


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