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thegrayareaFinally called the insurance company.

My provider is in network, so it is 100% covered. I wasn’t expecting that; it was a nice surprise. I made an appt and requested the day off. Now we wait. 1 month ago

thegrayareaI'm excited.

This could be happening as early as two weeks from now. I have to call my insurance company to see what (if anything) they cover, make another appt with the doc, & ask for the day off from work. 2 months ago


I added this entry.
I’ve been wanting to do this for possibly almost a year. I really need to get on it. 2 years ago


I had a job, I had health insurance, it was free (and a little painful) and I’m all set for five years. 2 years ago


If someone is wondering why I am so active today here is not cos I would be online on work time, but cos I am home at work time. I had doctors appointment this morning and I planed to get work after that, but the fucking assemble of IUD hurt so bad that I almost passed out. So I just informed to work that I won’t come after all. Finally now after 3,5 hours, it has stopped hurting that much. So I think I will live after all. I hope I don’t get any complications and this will work for me, cos I really don’t want to take it off for years now.

And the next time when we have to think about things like this, it’s so fucking sure that it’s the man getting fixed. I don’t want to experience this thing again. 2 years ago

pepperkatThis has been on my mental list for a long time

Just added to my 43things list to have a place to log the experience and prep for it.

I have been thinking about the IUD and researching options for a few years, and had heard a lot of the “women who haven’t had children are not good candidates” opinions from various medical professionals.

My friend recently got one and she’s never had kids, so that encouraged me to ask my GYN about it. It surprised me when he said he had no issues recommending it to childfree women, and that he has inserted hundreds of IUDs in his career. 3 years ago

postcardmole hills

not nearly as big a deal as everyone would have you think. Sounding made me woozy but i didn’t even feel the actual IUD get put in. it doesn’t even come close to labor pains. hardly even comparable to menstrual cramps. really. it’s ridiculous how trivial it all was. all that fretting for nothing. 3 years ago


wish me luck! 4 years ago

FireRainChildNext month

: ) 4 years ago

Christina McCWorth the hassle.

I got my paragard almost three years ago. My menstrual pain is greater than it was before (not saying much, since previously it was nonexistent), and the insertion hurt like hell, BUT it’s pretty much foolproof and I don’t have to think about birth control again until I’m 28. Life is good.

I got one at age 18, nulliparous, so it can be done although some US doctors blanch at it. The LJ group iud_divas is tremendously useful. 5 years ago

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