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get my lip pierced


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lostduskdon't do it

I only had mine done 6 months ago, and you know what, I regret it now. I’d wanted a lip piercing for years and years, but never thought I’d be able to do it. In fact I got spider bites. For starters, one of them is not positioned how I would like. Second, I think I have ruined my face, it looked fine with out the piercings and maybe even better, now when I come to take them out, as I inevitably will, I will have not one, but two nasty scars on my face. I wish I had just got one done, not two. But oh well, nothing I can do about it now. 3 years ago

tastytreats1It's NOT worth it, don't do it. READ THIS BEFORE YOU DO IT

You may think this is a good idea, but let me tell you – it’s not. I was a silly teenager who wanted to be different, and now I’m older with a horrible scar on my face. I was silly enough to have both my upper and lower lip pierced so that’s two ugly scars. I know what you’re thinking “I will never take it out blah blah” but you will eventually, and the longer you leave it the worse the scarring will be. Do you want to end up with an ugly mark on your face for the rest of your life just to look fashionable as a teenager? Not just scarring on the outside – there is scarring on the inside as well. It will leave a big lump of scar tissue on the inside as it’s healing, and it will stay there even after you take it out. If we’re talking about a bottom lip piercing you will not be able to resist the urge to play with the flat back of the labret with your teeth, meaning now I have one front tooth which is more worn down that the other. Just remember, regrets are for later. Do you really want to be left with an ugly scar until the day you die? Oh, and not to mention the £50 I spend on them which definitely could have been spent better. 3 years ago


I’ve wanted to pierce my lip since I was in grade 5, but I always thought I couldn’t pull it off, so I pierced my nose instead.. Now the only thing in my way is finding the $30. somehow :/ Otherwise I gotta wait ‘till the next time I see my friend’s boyfriend. 3 years ago


Ok so I want to get this one done….but I think it will affect my chances for work. So im torn. In may I could get it done for cheap…I got a little while before then. Gah why cant things be simple 3 years ago

AmberOn a whim

I went with a friend to a tattoo parlor because she wanted to get her nose pierced. She and our other friend told me that I should get something done, too. So, in the matter of about an hour, I decided to get my lip pierced. I only left it in for about a day because it didn’t look very good on me! (Oh, and my lip swelled A LOT.) It was a memorable experience, but it was also $30 down the drain because I ended up hating it. 3 years ago


I am now sans lip piercing. I love the fact I had it done but about 2 years after I had I done, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought I looked like a plonker. Still glad I had it done and I only have a tiny scar but quite glad to be without it now. Piercings are high maintenance. 3 years ago

Peridot54Vertical Labret

For Christmas my father purchased for my vertical labret. I love this style of lip piercing. After getting my eyebrow and nose done for my 20th birthday, my parents are very relaxed about my whole style, from my make-up to my piercings. I guess they don’t have to worry about their ‘little girl’ dealing with high school dress codes. I am so happy to in college XD

Well back to lip piercings.

I think if you want it be sure that this is the piercing you are ready to take care of. Your lip is the most noticeable feature on the face. People will ask and judge. Ask long as you know what makes you happy, I say go for it. Life is too short to worry about what others think about piercings. I always hear people say lip piercing or piercings in general are trashy.


Piercings DO NOT make a person TRASHY!

A person MAKES themselves TRASHY! 3 years ago


iight so i did mine like 3 days ago. love it but my lips kinda hard is that swollen? ahah but yeah for all yahl worried bout yah peoples trippen one u get it dont they cant say shit… well my dad did he called me a “freak show” “devil” wopty wop … but now he aint trippen … so i say do it mofossss 3 years ago

BMTH_ETF_BVB_19i wish!

i want my lip peirced so freaking bad but my mom wont let me get it because she thinks that peircings are for juveneilles (idk how to spell it… xD) so im just going to get a fake one from hot topic (they sell those around here xD) until i get old enought to get my driver lisence and get one myself without her knowing… xD 4 years ago

sarahkristinaI think I'm over this now

The main thing that turns me off is that it seems so mainstream, so many people have holes in their lips and particularly noses these days. I don’t want it to be a sign of conformism!
So, I’m left thinking about other piercings that could be done that would only be known to me and my boy. And I’m not thinking about my navel :) 4 years ago

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