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grow my own herbs

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creativecallingI am a notorious killer of plants

But this is something I would like to get my head round as I use a lot of fresh herbs in cooking. Need to do some research into what’s easy to grow and how to go about it 6 months ago

Andrea409Basil :(

The freaking squirrels dug up my basil that I had sitting outside. For the last two years, it’s been an ongoing battle keeping them out of our plants. My landlord even went so far last summer as to shoot a few of them with his BB gun. I don’t think it instilled a fear in the others, because they went right on with destroying my plants. It frustrates me to no end. Looks like this will be year three of dealing with the trouble-makers. Sigh.

Back to square one. Insert expletive here. 16 months ago

Andrea4091. Basil

My boyfriend’s mom gave us a basil seed starter kit for Easter. I started growing it indoors a few weeks ago. I placed it in our sunniest window and placed a heater nearby, since our apartment is always cold. It worked! This is amazing; I’ve never been able to grow seeds inside, because it’s too cold in here. The heater made the difference. It’s now warm enough that I put the pot outside, and the tiny little shoots are growing more and more each day. They love the warm weather…as do I.

It’s a start. Yay!! 16 months ago


Here’s a great way to do that! 19 months ago

Allegra A.Okay, close enough

When I started this goal, I wanted a cute little herb garden in neat little pots with labels, like other 43T members have.

Then the ants in the yard killed 2 tomato plants, oregano seedlings and 1 mint plant so I gave up for a while. But while I was feeling discouraged, things kept growing. Now I have a tall basil plant, a chocolate mint plant that doesn’t get very tall because I’m always making tea from it, some chives, some scallions that I sprouted from the leftover root ends of other scallions, some garlic chives, a sprouting cabbage that is growing from the leftover root end of a cabbage I ate, and my ginger plant is still alive after 5 years.

It’s not a perfect herb garden. Some of these plants are technically salad greens. A couple of them are growing from repurposed milk containers with the spout cut off because they outgrew the pots.

But I technically am growing my own edible plants and I have been cooking with them. I haven’t had to buy ginger in 5 years.
So I’m going to give myself credit and call this one done.
I’ll buy better planting pots later and maybe buy additional seeds or plants, but this is a good start. 22 months ago

Roslyn ByrneGrowing well.

I have been cutting my herbs often and its just great to smell and taste such freshness. 2 years ago

EverydayFairyCan you believe it?

My basil and oregano are blooming! One has lovely lila flovers, and second – white. I`m so proud of them! :o) 2 years ago

Allegra A.Freakin' ants!

Well, ants killed both of my tomato plants and the oregano sprouts. They ate the leaves and built nests in the soil. Now it’s just me, my ginger, chocolate mint and basil.

Time to buy some new plants and find a natural insecticide that drives out ants and is not toxic to people, since we want to eventually eat these herbs. 2 years ago

Allegra A.Silly tomato, you're not an herb!

Although they’re not herbs, I decided I wanted to grow a couple of vegetables too, in addition to herbs.

So I looked up how urban apartment dwellers grow vegetables in containers and now I have 2 tomato plants. I bought one and I planted one from a tomato in my crisper that was going bad.

If you plant an organic, heirloom tomato from the supermarket, you’ll end up with the same kind of tomato. If you plant a generic hybrid supermarket tomato (like I did), you’ll have an edible tomato but it won’t be as good as the hybrid you planted.
I just planted it because it was spoiling in my fridge and now I have some small plants. I also bought an additional small tomato plant at the garden center because I wasn’t sure at first if the supermarket tomato would grow.

I also tried growing some oregano from cuttings and they seem to be growing too. If you bought a bundle of fresh herbs from the store, or you know someone with an herb plant, you can plant the cuttings and most of the time they’ll grow. Cut some stem off ,like you would for fresh flowers, strip off all the leaves except the baby leaves at the top and plant in some potting soil. Give it a good watering and it might take root. Watch for new growth. My oregano cuttings now have new baby leaves sprouting so they survived the hardest part.

The basil seeds I planted have started sprouting. My chocolate mint plant from the Home Depot is still awesome and I made more tea from it last night. I have to give it a chance to grow back because it’s so delicious that I keep trimming leaves off to use. 2 years ago

SogotodiWindow Garden

My brother built some beautiful shelves into the window for my herbs. Now I just need to pot them and line them up. I already have a nice parsley plant and some green onions up there looking very cheerful and tasty.

I eyeballed a really pretty oregano plant the other day, but it was pretty expensive. Perhaps I can find some seeds and start one for a bit less money. 2 years ago

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