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Regularly deposit money into a savings account

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*Cathy McDowell*Doing Great

I plan to keep depositing too. Maybe by the time I retire, I can actually retire. 6 years ago


I have the opposite problem. Right now, while I can still live at home, I’ve been saving up for college and a car to get me there. But, even with these reasons for motivation, I hate to spend money! Rarely do I go out somewhere and really see something I can’t walk away without. My Grandpa says I have a sensitive pocketbook. Good luck with this, it’s worth doing! 6 years ago

*Cathy McDowell*Doing Good so Far

I have been doing this and then I try to forget it’s there.
I need to save money. I spend enough!! 6 years ago

*Cathy McDowell*LOL

I just logged onto 43things and saw this goal about depositing money into savings so I went and logged into my savings and deposited. I probably wouldn’t have if I hadn’t seen it in front of me. 6 years ago

*Cathy McDowell*Been There/Done That

This time I need to leave it alone.
Just as soon as it increases to a rather large amount, I find something to spend that money on so I always withdraw it.
I’ll try harder this time to leave it alone. 6 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from Godrestocking the piggy bank...

...since completely depleting my entire savings over the past 2 1/2 years ( $22,000) and going into some serious debt, ( $15,000),,,,and with finally getting some paying jobs in the past 3 months,,,,I set up an auto-transfer from my checking into my Roth IRA at the beginning of the month…

It’s not much, just $17, but its a start, and an amount i wont miss. Any bonuses or Xmas $$ will go into that account as well. As the olde cliche goes: pay yourself first. Even with all my debt, i know i also have to start first with building up the Nest Egg. the Rainy Day / slush fund…..

A small start, but a start….!7 years ago

dwlt£100 per month

That will rise substantially (like, by a factor of 8) when I finish clearing my debt.

About $194.79 at current exchange rates, in case you were wondering.7 years ago

Brian Ca. born, Southern by ChoiceIt's a college fund....

For my kids. $50 a week. 8 years ago


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