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I’ll do this by studying a foreign language and accomplish this before graduating 1 month ago

AlixI already speak (fluently) 5 languages, but...

it’s never enough!

next on my plate: Japanese.

and Portuguese, because I plan a long weekend in Lisbon, soon. 7 months ago

Skoshi-BitModern Greek

Got a fee app for Greek vocabulary. Will look for the audio language lessons I bought years ago (on cassette tape!). 2 years ago


Began w/ a Pimsleur course in January 2012 2 years ago


I would love to try to learn another language before I graduate. I took spanish and latin in highschool butI never really got too interested in either of them. It would be great to speak another language fluently. Hopefully I could attempt to learn a new language with a humanities class that I still have to take. 2 years ago


Learn 7 languages 2 years ago

Thinker_galJust need to do something besides work!!

Learning a language is one thing that I see will give me some break out of my routine life 2 years ago

futuremusicteacher89Not giving up

but making room on my list. 2 years ago

somelikeitscarletSpanish! Here I come!

I have been wanting to learn Spanish for sometime because I work in an area that has a high spanish speaking population. I’ve been putting it off because my schedual is INSANE! I work full time, 12 hour night shifts, live an hour away from where I work, and am going back to school to get my Masters/Doctorate degree.. So I put it off and putt it off.. BUT a co-worker mentioned that I should try the Learn Behind the Wheel series so I bought it and I will be starting it while I drive to work today. I figure I drive two hours a day 3 to 4 days out of the week, I could actually do this in no time! Wish me luck! And I’ll be sure to keep updating this post that way I can let others know how this program works if they might be interested. 3 years ago

ToOmmyLeeThese are the languages I'm interested in

French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Persian, Turkish 3 years ago

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