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I think it’s really important to not only be honest with others, but also with myself. I feel like i hide my self and bottle my self and dont do what feels natural. Once i accept myself and just be happy with everything i do (no regrets) i’m hoping it will make me honest with myself 3 months ago

FreeFall2LifeSince August 2012...

I have been honest. Once I got rid of the liar in my life… I was able to go back to my true, honest self. Haven’t felt better in years! 14 months ago

Jordan WalkerOh! the difficulty

Now some people may read this and think that I am a tool or a jerk who lies, cheats, and steals. The fact is I think that a great many people have a hard time being honest, not in the usual sense but in a deeper quiet way. Deep down some lie to themselves that they are ok with the life they lead, others lie to people just to keep up appearances. It does not mean that people are bad just that we can work on things especially myself and being honest with me. 19 months ago

FreeFall2LifeSubtract one lie at a time

For months I felt as if I was living a lie. It was eating me up inside. I finally got rid of my toxic relationship, my toxic anxiety pacifiers (things that we do to calm our anxiety) such as smoking and drinking. And decided that what I put into my mouth should be clear and clean as well as what comes out of it. When we lie to others, we lie to ourselves. I want to be honest with myself. I want to live an honest life. And I want to find an honest partner. I realized I should become the kind of person I want in my life. If you’re a lying cheat….you’ll probably end up with a lying cheat. Simple. 20 months ago

Sogotodi"I'm fine"

This is the biggest lie I tell and I say it everyday. I’m surrounded by people who love me and are more than happy to lend a hand, but I’m so stubborn and I hate to admit that I can’t do something on my own, so they just get a terse, “I’m fine” to all offers of help.

I don’t want to start being dependent on them, but it wouldn’t hurt as much to admit when I need help, or even just an acknowledgement that it’s going to take me a little longer or a little more effort to do something than it would for anyone else. I have to be honest, but it’s such an ingrained habit.

I’ve got my bff and my mom on the lookout, to let me know when I’m lying like that, since it’s something I just do on auto pilot know without even realizing it. Grr. 22 months ago

SogotodiTruth hurts.

But it also heals. 22 months ago

PasadenaSuebut not too honest.

This goal is a double edged sword. When I am totally honest it causes problems. So I have learned to think before I speak and speak the truth. Sometimes being honest may mean rethinking my viewpoint. It has been an eye opener.

The biggest gain from this goal is that I have stopped making excuses for not doing things. How simple really. 22 months ago

PasadenaSueSometimes I find myself wanting to take the "easy way out".

I was going to visit my dad today. When I called my mom last night regarding her medicine, she reminded me I had promised to go to her place for dinner. (My parents are divorced.) Darn. So when I called my dad this morning to tell him I wasn’t going to come visit, I thought about just telling him I wasn’t feeling well. That would have been easy, and dishonest.

Instead I explained that I had forgotten about the previous event I had agreed to attend. I also told him that I felt bad that he always got trumped by my mom. He understood since she lives close to me, and I have become her “caretaker”. Still I am not happy that I can’t work things out where I can see him, and not have my weekends tied up visiting my parents.

I sound ungrateful. That’s not the case. I would just like more balance, and some help from my siblings. 2 years ago

PasadenaSueI'm am very happy with this goal.

It has changed things in my life for the best. I know that there will be times I will pay for things I have said, however I would rather deal with them now than worry about them causing problems later on. I still speak my mind around people I should be careful. Working on keeping quiet will help me in that respect. For me, honesty is the best policy. 2 years ago

PasadenaSueKilled two birds, however they were birds I liked...

Not real birds, the saying – except it was the opposite of what I wanted. Someone at work got mad at me 6 months ago because something I had said about them got back to them. Fair enough. I had complained about their behavior – or more appropriately lack of behavior – to a coworker. He confronted me about it, I admitted I had said it, and I explained why. What I didn’t know, was who had told him. I thought it was someone I had confided in, and I was angry. So I stopped talking to her thinking that she was leaking the information.

As I am working on this goal I realize that I need to be willing to stand behind my words. I cannot go back in time and undo what I said, and I still stand behind the reason I was unhappy with this person, though I should have handled it another way.

I need to contact C and get over my error. And I will have to let the relationship go if he can’t get over what I did. I guess this is part of the reason I have the goal “do not complain” on my list. 2 years ago

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