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Be more organised

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Organised my school work, somewhat, today. I have separate folders for each class but the amount of paper that needs to be filed away is ridiculous! Need even more folders to split the classes into sections I think. 2 months ago


Started filling in calendar and diary 3 months ago

xiouroppp_25th December

Bought a calendar and diary for organisation 3 months ago

kadsgirlNo work/ Life balance is keeping me awake at night!

I want to achieve this goal so I can say no, stress less and have more time for living 7 months ago

Tim JonesUntitled

Still using my diary, when I remember to take it with me!
Not sure when this goal will be considered complete. I’ll give it another month and see. 13 months ago

trajektoriaGetting minimalistic!

New plan: to get rid of stuff i don’t need, as i feel overhelmed by them and it’s such a bad feeling! No, I don’t have thousands of items, but still too much… Life is simple – so should be our attitiude towards it.

Some clues for myself:
- make lists of things you own in each cathegory & start minimalizing your collections
- leave only these things you actually use during one year
- also books can’t stay with you forever! bookcrossing rules!
- if you buy a new thing, give away two of your old ownings
- don’t be (too) sentimental – life moves forward
- there are way better activities than shoppings! // ‘lists of potental shoppings’ should survive one month – if it didn’t, you don’t need those stuff
- you should focus only on important things! minimalism is not just about material items
- 14 months ago

Tim Joneschaos

I’ve found myself forgetting dates I’ve planned things for on occasion and don’t especially like it. I bought a diary tonight, so technically this goal can be considered done. I want to wait a while, say 2 months, and see if I can be organised enough in that time. 15 months ago


Do things when u are meant to not put it off 15 months ago


School trip money ready
PE kits ready for school 15 months ago


really good at this, other times… othertimes its more organised chaos. lately its been both. 17 months ago

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