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prachi sUntitled

:) 2 years ago

emma castilloBest Attitude

This is what I am always telling myself not to! In the first place, what’s the need for? Regrets can only make us feel sorrier and unhappy and it can even stop us from moving on. Yes, we couldn’t help from regretting sometimes…that’s an initial reaction from failures. And instead of being so bothered about it, try to be still, fight the negative feelings and in that way you will have a clearer mind to see what next best thing to do to solve whatever is causing the problem. And in the event that you can’t really find a solution, just be calm and have a Plan B… or better to have a Plan C, Plan D and the more the better. Simply it means that there will always be a solution to a problem; we just need to match which Plan is best.

And more importantly, first learn to forgive yourself. That’s the hardest part…why? Because sometimes we simply don’t realize that we are the very reason why we are failing…it’s because of our very own actions. Don’t blame others for our wrong doings or failures…they may be a part of it, but we have to be the one controlling our own lives.

Yes, we sometimes tend to ask help for a solution…but don’t expect too much, that’s the best attitude. 2 years ago

1RLI have never done anything I regret.

And everything not worth holding onto, slide. 2 years ago

KM1997I regret regretting things...

I constantly regret things that I have done in the past. I wish so much to be able to completely forget about my old mistakes but its so hard. I regret them more & more daily. It feels like I am alone in this. What steps do I need to taks in order to stop regretting things? What do you suggest I do to prevent regretting more? Someone please help me stop regreting everything that I do! Please please please <33 Thank youu. 2 years ago


Timeline: Throughout life

Action Plan: As going through life, all decisions are decisions made. I am going to look at the decision reflect upon them. If they were good, then there should be nothing to regret. If I think it is a bad one, then the only thing I can do from that point is look forward and say what can I do differently. 2 years ago

Anonna MysAs the old adage goes...

There’s no use crying over spilt milk. All you can do is learn from your “mistakes” and move forward. 2 years ago


This is something that I’m truly struggling with. I tend to regret even the smallest thing. I need to learn to let things go, relax and not take things to seriously. You only have one life, so live it to its fullest. 2 years ago


There’s no point in regretting things because it’s already happend and you can’t go back in time and change it so just move on 3 years ago


Never have regrets because obviously at one point it was what you wanted… Regretting it won’t help anything. Let it go, move on, and vow to do better next time. 3 years ago


I recently met someone who had cancer and was practically dying. He told me that he was content with his life, and that he didn’t regret anything that he had done. So, I figured that maybe that’s the most important thing in life: follow your heart and make sure you live life your own way. 3 years ago

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