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neilsaleStep 4

Keep Cap One card below $50 15 months ago

neilsaleStep 3

Paid of HSBC card 15 months ago

neilsaleStep 2

Start paying student loans 15 months ago

neilsaleStep one

Pay off car 15 months ago


i have no moneyto put down but can make mo, payments i pay my bills and my rent why cant i be buying a home w land instead? 19 months ago

SuBu roorooLooking for a house

This is hard and getting really frustrating! We have been looking for a rent house for a while now and just can’t find one. They’re either too much per month or in a bad area, there’s no in between! I don’t want to just settle for an apt but I have to find a place buy July 1st so we may have to? 2 years ago

SuBu roorooBeen lookin...

Now that school money will be coming we are looking for a house :) I’m so excited! Been waiting for four months now! Found one I really like near Baylor… 3 years ago

SuBu roorootop priority

I staying with my sister and brother in law right now. I just started a new job and my boyfriend starts one on Monday. Since I left my parents house in 2006 I’ve had three apartments, never a house. This go around when I get my life on track I want a home! I want a yard for a puppy, a garden, room for a pool table, and mainly just build a home. 3 years ago

Mary ThompsonUntitled

Have looked with my relator and found 2 homes that I like. 3 years ago

moximSearch for a nice house

Must have 6 rooms or more
Must have garden
Must have cellar 4 years ago

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