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StephersonAirplaneThe competition!

So apparently (as I have just discovered) there are already a million big things out there! Here is an interesting link: http://www.roadsideattractions.ca/bc.htm. I guess I have my work cut out for me! 8 years ago

StephersonAirplaneyeah sure....

Okay both you and I know that I am NEVER going to actually do this one…but isn’t it fun to pretend that maybe you could do something like this? You have no idea what I am talking about?! Oh…

You know how in Australia there are all those big things..the big pineapple, the big lobster, they have at least 7-8 big things. In Canada we have the big apple (I will attach a picture eventually) the big nickel. I have already thought it would be awesome to build the biggest something. I mean I don’t need to be famous, I certainly don’t need to be rich..but holy crap it would be awesome to build something totally huge and completely pointless.

I just need to figure out what my biggest thing would be…any suggestions? 8 years ago


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