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silverwildfireMy God

Neil Gaiman is my rockstar, one of my gods.

Meeting him was amazing. Went to his signings in Melbourne; at the first was told pictures could no longer be taken due to time constraints, but he was nice and signed 3 things for me. Then the next day, his publicist recognised me after one of his talk & before his signing she took me to see him & get my stuff signed first & a picture taken.

I was embarassingly giddy, the man probably thought I was a moron. He did remember me 3 weeks after it though when I emailed to thank him so it’s could’ve been worse! :P 5 years ago

louliloulouHangin' out with the Dream King

I thought I was going to go violently purple when I met him in Waterstones in London, but he was so charming and unassuming that the idea seemed ridiculous afterwards. I was next to last in the line, but he was really gracious, signed everything I presented (‘American Gods’, ‘The Dream Hunters’ and my old boot – which I still wear) and seemed very happy to chat. I’d loveloveLOVE to do this again! 6 years ago


I didn’t have this on my list because honestly… I didn’t think that Neil Gaiman would ever pop up in Montana, but Saturdy 04.28.2007 my husband and I got to meet Neil after he gave a lecture in Helena. It was so awesome and completely worth standing in line for two and a half hours. :)
He signed a poster and Stardust for me and Preludes & Nocturnes for my husband. We also got pictures. :) 6 years ago

aguadoraNeil Gaiman in Manila

I’m personally not a rabid fan, but it was worth the long line because he doodled a wolf on my copy of Wolves in the Walls and that made my little sister very happy (although she says it looks more like a rat). 7 years ago


I met Neil at UCA earlier this week. He was quite fun. He read us poetry, a short story called “Orange” that won’t be published for another year (though I highly recommend it), and took some Q&A. We got to go up and have books signed, too. I took a picture of him being hugged by my ride (he looked decidedly uncomfortable with it, however). I probably shouldn’t have laughed at him for it, but I did, anyway. 7 years ago

redassassinukgot God Omens signed

It was great. I met him at his book signing at Forbidden Planet (Tottenham Court Road) and asked him if he preferred The Stooges or The Velvet Underground. He plumped for Cale & co. but also loves the Iggy. He was also a thoroughly nice bloke and accepterd my friend’s lime quite happily (read anansi boys). Just need Terry to sign my book now. 7 years ago


It was the most amazing experience of my life.. he was speaking at a Borders near my house, so of course I went. He spoke, and then he went to the upstairs level to sign. I waited two hours to get my books signed, and when it was finally my turn, i was so nervous that I could hardly speak. He was so nice and when I told him that it was my birthday, he smiled at me and gave me a cookie!!! Then he drew a moon in my illustrated copy of Stardust. When I got in the car afterwards, I was so happy that I cried… 8 years ago

themongomaniaMet him in September

I saw him on his last book tour for Anansi Boys. I got to see him at a B&N in NYC. He was a really cool guy and interesting to listen to. He showed us new versions of Good Omens that are coming out. 8 years ago

violetmeanseverything you'd expect and more

i’ve met him 3 times, and each time he’s been amazingly warm and lovely. even when it’s a busy book signing, he takes the time to say hi, and he signs whatever you have on you (he’s signed my travel journal as well as ‘good omens.’) overall, he’s a wonderful person. i can’t recommend meeting him enough. 8 years ago

NotshakespeareMeeting Neil

Back in 1993 I moved to Philadelphia, and got to meet Neil Gaiman the first week I was here. Back then he had time to do talk to people in his signing line, and he is a really nice guy.

These days, meeting him at a signing isn’t really meeting him – there’s no time for talking. So although I agree that meeting him is worth it – meeting him at a signing is not as good. 8 years ago

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