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auntoptics30really having a hard time with this one

Ok, I didn’t sleep last night, up late on the computer/watching t.v. and then once in bed I couldn’t fall asleep so I read. I have to work today, which will not be easy, but I think if I can just get through the day I can sleep at a normal time tonight and maybe get myself back into a routine. 8 months ago

auntoptics30off to a bumpy start

So far I find I’m going to sleep even later, and of course ultimately waking up later as well (on day when I don’t work). I’m not going to give up though. 8 months ago

auntoptics30why is it so hard?

Why is something so natural and relaxing so difficult to accomplish? It’s hard for me to wind down at the end of the day, my mind seems to be so active at night. Not sure how to start improving this, but I need to because school starts again soon. 8 months ago

My_Fucked_Up_LifeSleep is important to me.

I recently looked up ways that sleep is beneficial. One of the most motovating facts I found was that it helps with weight loss. If your body does not get enough sleep, it cannot properly carry out the processes of fat regulation, therefore amounting to extra fat storage. Also, sleeping actually burns calories. So, the more you sleep, the more calories burned. I have now started getting to bed at midnight rather than 2am. I am so far satisfied with my progress and hope to keep it up. 8 months ago

futurelogicSleep plan

  1. Set up computer at a bedroom table instead of using in bed
  2. Get a hot-water maker for chamomile tea
  3. Keep a bottle of those “herbal relaxation” pills by bed
  4. Find where to buy bottles of NeuroSleep and keep in fridge 8 months ago

EMyloWatsonNews Flash: Sleep is not optional

It wasn’t until I developed insomnia that I realized how important it is to get enough sleep. After 3 years of waking up at 3am I started a routine that seems to have made a huge difference. First I started taking Melatonin. Next, because I heard that too much bright light at night confuses the brain so I started keeping the lights in my house dim after sundown. When I’m really sticking to my plan, I turn off the computer and television about 45 minutes before bedtime. The most important part of my routine is going to bed a the same time every night. I have to be up at 5:30 most mornings, so bed time for me is 9:30. Sometimes I stay up until 10, and even 10:30 if I don’t work early the next day. Actually, I even get up early on the days I don’t work. I find that I can get more done if I get it out of the way early. That way I can get all my obligations out of the way before the day has really even started.

Anyway, I’ve been doing this for about a year and now, I consistently get 8 hours sleep. What a huge relief! 9 months ago


Getting older hasn’t helped any with my sleep. It’s now gone 2am, feeling pretty tired but completely unable to sleep. Maximum five hours sleep a night the past year. I’m sure my career is of no help either.. 9 months ago

My_Fucked_Up_LifeSorry for suddenly disappearing.

I have been busy lately. This is not my main goal anymore so I won’t be posting here much anymore. 10 months ago

EimearThe last two nights

I have had nine hours sleep, and I look much healthier, feel more energetic, such a simple thing to do to get such benefit. Was really sleep deprived for the last couple of weeks and I looked it! I will try to keep this up when I am in work, easier to do on a bank holiday weekend as this is. 10 months ago

howtogetridoffleasezlose the alarm clock

That’s my real goal, to evolve to where I don’t need one because my body wakes up naturally when it’s done sleeping. 10 months ago

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